The Capitol Theatre Announces Screening Of Long Awaited Grateful Dead Doc “Long Strange Trip”

first_img“See, there’s only two theaters, man… that are set up pretty groovy all around for music and for smooth stage changes, good lighting and all that – the Fillmore and The Capitol Theatre. And those are the only two in the whole country.” —Jerry GarciaAmir Bar-Lev’s highly anticipated Grateful Dead documentary Long Strange Trip is due out on Amazon Prime on June 2nd. A handful of pre-release screenings have been announced for fans who want to take in the four-hour chronology of the Dead, including a screening at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO on May 25th. Today, the historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY announced that they will also be screening the film on May 25th, complete with a big screen and full concert sound.The announcement makes sense in terms of the film’s topic matter: on multiple occasions, the late Jerry Garcia referred to the beautifully ornate venue as one of his favorites in the country, and the bar in the front of the venue–Garcia’s–bears his name. The Dead also played a handful of memorable shows at The Cap in their heyday, including a 1971 run that featuring debuts of “Deal,” “Bird Song,” “Loser,” “Playing In The Band,” “Bertha,” and “Greatest Story Ever Told.” TYou can purchase tickets to The Capitol Theatre’s special pre-release screening of Long Strange Trip here. Tickets are available now.last_img read more

The Raconteurs Announce First Live Show Since 2011

first_imgJack White recently announced the return of The Raconteurs, one of his former projects, for a new album slated for release this year. The Raconteurs consists of White, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence, and Patrick Keeler. The new album will mark The Raconteurs’ first release in more than a decade, serving as a follow-up to 2008’s Consolers of the Lonely.On Tuesday, the quartet announced that they will headline White’s Third Man Records’ 10th-anniversary celebration in Nashville, TN on April 6th. The performance will mark The Raconteurs’ first live performance since 2011.The evening will also feature performances by Lillie Mae, Craig Brown Band, Teddy & The Rough Riders, The Dirtbombs, The Gories, Detroit Cobras, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Soledad Brothers, and Todd Albright. Special guests at the festival will include Margo Price, Alison Mosshart, Carla Azar, Joshua Hedley, Dave Buick and more.The announcement explains,One moment in the midst of putting out nearly 600 records, hosting hundreds of live shows, capturing thousands of recordings for visitors to our stores, blowing up the box the rest of the record industry thinks inside, opening a pressing plant, giving schoolchildren the opportunity to make a vinyl record, helping to revive a dying industry, and bringing the music of our favorite musicians to a larger audience, Third Man blinked. They blinked and when they opened our eyes decennial awe befell them. Third Man Records has been doing its own damn thing for TEN YEARS. If this doesn’t call for a celebration we don’t know what does.General admission tickets include 10+ performances across 2 stages, as well as access to vendors, official merchandise, and concessions. A limited amount of Ultra tickets are available to Third Man Vault Members only and include early entry, priority access to the day’s Blue Room performances, a special Raconteurs 7″ that won’t be available commercially, and more. General admission tickets go on sale this Friday, March 15th at 1 p.m. (CST) here. Ultra tickets go on sale to Third Man Vault Members at 10 a.m. (CST).last_img read more

Quantum gas microscope offers glimpse of quirky ultracold atoms

first_imgHarvard physicists have created a quantum gas microscope that can be used to observe single atoms at temperatures so low the particles follow the rules of quantum mechanics, behaving in bizarre ways. The work, published this week in the journal Nature, represents the first time scientists have detected single atoms in a crystalline structure made solely of light, called a Bose Hubbard optical lattice. It’s part of scientists’ efforts to use ultracold quantum gases to understand and develop novel quantum materials.“Ultracold atoms in optical lattices can be used as a model to help understand the physics behind superconductivity or quantum magnetism, for example,” says senior author Markus Greiner, an assistant professor of physics at Harvard and an affiliate of the Harvard-MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms. “We expect that our technique, which bridges the gap between earlier microscopic and macroscopic approaches to the study of quantum systems, will help in quantum simulations of condensed matter systems, and also find applications in quantum information processing.”The quantum gas microscope developed by Greiner and his colleagues is a high-resolution device capable of viewing single atoms — in this case, atoms of rubidium — occupying individual, closely spaced lattice sites. The rubidium atoms are cooled to just 5 billionths of a degree above absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius). “At such low temperatures, atoms follow the rules of quantum mechanics, causing them to behave in very unexpected ways,” explains first author Waseem S. Bakr, a graduate student in Harvard’s Department of Physics. “Quantum mechanics allows atoms to quickly tunnel around within the lattice, move around with no resistance, and even be ‘delocalized’ over the entire lattice. With our microscope we can individually observe tens of thousands of atoms working together to perform these amazing feats.”In their paper, Bakr, Greiner, and colleagues present images of single rubidium atoms confined to an optical lattice created through projections of a laser-generated holographic pattern. The neighboring rubidium atoms are just 640 nanometers apart, allowing them to quickly tunnel their way through the lattice. Confining a quantum gas — such as a Bose-Einstein condensate — in such an optically generated lattice creates a system that can be used to model complex phenomena in condensed-matter physics, such as superfluidity. Until now, only the bulk properties of such systems could be studied, but the new microscope’s ability to detect arrays of thousands of single atoms gives scientists what amounts to a new workshop for tinkering with the fundamental properties of matter, making it possible to study these simulated systems in much more detail, and possibly also forming the basis of a single-site readout system for quantum computation.“There are many unsolved questions regarding quantum materials, such as high-temperature superconductors that lose all electrical resistance if they are cooled to moderate temperatures,” Greiner says. “We hope this ultracold atom model system can provide answers to some of these important questions, paving the way for creating novel quantum materials with as-yet unknown properties.”Greiner’s co-authors on the Nature paper are Waseem S. Bakr, Jonathon I. Gillen, Amy Peng, and Simon Foelling, all of Harvard’s Department of Physics and the Harvard-MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms. Their work was supported by the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Army Research Office, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.last_img read more

BIDMC’s Pandolfi to receive cancer research award

first_imgCancer geneticist Pier Paolo Pandolfi at Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) is the recipient of the 2011 Pezcoller Foundation-AACR (American Association of Cancer Research) International Award for Cancer Research. This is the second time in the award’s 14-year history that a BIDMC investigator has received this prestigious honor, which was established in 1997 to recognize a scientist of international renown who has made a major scientific discovery in either basic or translational cancer research and whose ongoing work holds promise for progress in the field of cancer.Pandolfi joined the BIDMC faculty in 2007, and he serves as chief of the division of genetics in the department of medicine, director of research in the BIDMC Cancer Center, and director of the cancer genetics program. The George C. Reisman Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Pandolfi was recognized by the foundation and the AACR both for his outstanding work in the field of cancer genetics and for his groundbreaking development of cancer mouse models.“Dr. Pandolfi’s research has led to major breakthroughs in our essential understanding of how mutations in oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes result in leukemias, lymphomas, and solid tumors,” said BIDMC Cancer Center Director Lewis Cantley, who received the Pezcoller award in 2005. “His pioneering work in developing transgenic mouse models of cancer helped lead to novel therapeutic strategies for acute promyelocytic leukemia [APL], and, today, this unique expertise in mouse-model engineering is helping to speed the clinical testing of new personalized cancer therapies.”Pandolfi will deliver an award lecture titled “The Non-Coding Revolution: A Coding-Independent Function of Gene and Pseudogene mRNAs Regulates Tumor Biology” during the 102nd Annual Meeting of the AACR in Orlando, Fla., this spring.last_img read more

Radcliffe recognizes top theses

first_imgThe Captain Jonathan Fay Prize is awarded annually to the graduating Harvard College senior who has produced the most imaginative work or original research in any field. The Fay Prize selection committee is convened by the dean of the Radcliffe Institute, Lizabeth Cohen, who is also the Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies in the History Department.This year, two Fay Prize recipients were chosen from 81 Thomas T. Hoopes Prize winners for outstanding scholarly work or research.“The work of Victoria Koski-Karell and Justin Wymer was so distinguished and distinctive that we felt compelled to honor both students and both theses,” said Cohen when she presented the awards. “Their fields of study, anthropology and poetry, are very different, but we found that both students shared an exemplary commitment to original, inquisitive, and rigorous work.”Koski-Karell’s thesis, “Coping with Kolera: Encountering the Unknown in North Haiti,” incorporates anthropology, biology, and history to explore the recent cholera outbreak in Haiti. Her insights and analysis shed new light on the difficulties of containing the epidemic and treating those afflicted. Her suggestions for new approaches, in the words of a committee member, “will save lives.”Wymer’s thesis of original poetry, “Genius Loci,” (The spirit of place) consists of 51 poems that describe places where Wymer has lived or visited. It was selected by the committee for both “pushing poetry in a strange and shocking direction” and its “fresh, original voice.”View the full list of Fay Prize nominees and more information about the winning theses.last_img read more

Journey to the Cloud in China

first_imgChina’s dynamic cloud opportunities are some of the world’s most exciting, and yet the journey to the cloud for Chinese customers is marked by clear differences from their western counterparts. On one hand, without the burden of legacy applications, enterprises in China are empowered to make a quick and decisive move to the cloud. On the other, they have unique concerns as various branches of the Chinese government serve as active investors in China’s cloud computing infrastructure. National interests come first in China, meaning decisions about IT infrastructure are not necessarily cost-driven, but policy-driven.As a result, Chinese customers are not likely to outsource products, services and consulting from a single foreign company to build a large-scale private cloud. China’s local IT enterprises need to rely on foreign vendors for technology, but they do not like to be influenced too heavily by foreign partners. Some of our competitors make the mistake of trying to win a total contract of products, services and consulting during each bid – an approach that is too aggressive in China. With an excess of vendors pursuing the service side of business, the end result is that cooperation falls through entirely.One of the most important strategies for EMC in China is collaborating with the strongest local partner to help our customers transform to the cloud. Our most recent partnership with Lenovo demonstrates EMC’s strategic approach to leveraging our resources to enhance the customer experience. This new OEM and reseller relationship allows Lenovo to provide EMC’s networked storage solutions to its customers, initially in China and then expanding into other global markets as the company develops its server business.We see this partnership as a win-win collaboration. As a multinational company headquartered in the U.S., it is not easy for EMC to participate in cloud computing projects initiated by the Chinese government. Lenovo, meanwhile, is challenged by limited technology offerings. With our respective strengths in storage and servers, EMC and Lenovo can expand into wider markets that could not be reached through EMC’s technology leadership or Lenovo’s advantages in market coverage alone.The partnership also brings an additional advantage to Iomega, which faces strong cost competition from small NAS vendors based in Taiwan. With Lenovo’s broader market reach and cost advantage in the server and commercial PC markets, Iomega is better able to leverage and position its advanced SMB/SOHO technology and solutions in the Chinese market.In China, local partnerships are vital elements in successful journeys to the cloud.last_img read more

University receives top workplace honor

first_imgFor the sixth consecutive year, The Chronicle of Higher Education placed the University of Notre Dame on the honor roll of the top-10 “Great Colleges to Work For.”The Chronicle offers a survey every year to universities around the nation, in which every faculty and staff member has the opportunity to provide feedback about the overall work environment at his or her respective universities.Of the 12 categories included on The Chronicle’s survey, Notre Dame achieved excellence in the categories of “compensation and benefits,” “confidence in senior leadership,” “facilities, workspace and security,” “job satisfaction,” “supervisor or department chair relationships” and “work/life balance,” according to The Chronicle’s website.To make the top 10 honor roll of the 196 four-year institutions surveyed, The Chronicle’s website stated that schools must be “cited most often across all recognition categories.”Bob McQuade, vice president of Human Resources at Notre Dame, said the administration, above all, aims to create an environment that satisfies all Notre Dame employees.“[University President] Fr. John [Jenkins], [Provost] Tom [Burish], [Executive Vice President] John Affleck-Graves believe in creating an environment [in which] our staff is treated with respect and dignity,” he said.Notre Dame has created many initiatives in the past few years to ensure employee satisfaction, McQuade said.“This honor is a fantastic affirmation that those [initiative] efforts are well-received,” he said, according to the official press release.McQuade attributes the honor to the many systems of “upward feedback” in place at Notre Dame that allow employees to report evaluations of their supervisors, the work environment and their job satisfaction to higher authorities at the University.“One of the key things was to target where there were anomalies, looking at where an individual may have some shortcomings so [the institution] could look to develop some programs to help that leader to improve,” he said.In particular, McQuade said the employee ND Voice survey, which takes place every two years, is a consistent source of feedback. With 74-percent employee participation, he said the survey provides a “very good view of what people think of the organization with that high of a return.”“Looking back, [ND voice] has been the biggest success we have had,” he said.Notre Dame also has an extensive leadership-training program open to all employees, McQuade said. Although not mandatory, more than 60-percent of supervisors and a large number of employees have participated in these programs, which McQuade said the University spends nearly $1 million on each year.“People are being managed more professionally, and that has a definitive effect on job satisfaction,” he said.Tags: Great Colleges to Work For, honor roll, leadership-training program, The Chronicle of Higher Education, top-10last_img read more

Leonardo DiCaprio to Star on the Great White Way?

first_img View Comments Four-time Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio may not just be visiting Broadway theaters but treading the boards in the near future! The actor told the Daily Mail that he’s “been looking at plays, and I have read a bunch of stuff. I would love to do it.” We think the Wolf of Wall Street would fit right in taking a great big bite out of the Great White Way!center_img “I’m going to get all of this—the awards and traveling—over with and maybe, just maybe, there will be a play,” said the Titanic star. “I have thought about theater on and off over the years, but other things kept getting in the way. Maybe now’s the time.”last_img read more

Vermonters pay relatively low car repair costs

first_img11.Utah$373.50 1.Arizona$421.49 25.Kansas$350.86 New Mexico$406.81  (14% higher than U.S. avg.)$240.59  (13% higher than U.S. avg.)$166.22  (16% higher than U.S. avg.) 16.Connecticut$366.79 California$394.49  (11% higher than U.S. avg.)$227.39  (7% higher than U.S. avg.)$172.30  (20% higher than U.S. avg.) 48.Wisconsin$298.76 CarMD ranking of states/districts with the lowest car repair costs in 2010: StateAverage Cost  (Parts & Labor)Average  Parts CostAverage  Labor Cost D.C. $265.29  (25% lower than U.S. avg.)$163.09  (23% lower than U.S. avg.)$102.20  (29% lower than U.S. avg.) Missouri $297.27  (17% lower than U.S. avg.)$160.76  (24% lower than U.S. avg.)$136.51  (5% lower than U.S. avg.) 24.Kentucky$350.86 37.South Carolina$336.97 Colorado$397.83  (12% higher than U.S. avg.)$244.91  (15% higher than U.S. avg.)$152.92  (6% higher than U.S. avg.) 43.New Hampshire$318.14 12.New York$370.98 32.Delaware$343.62 14.Idaho$368.17 36.Vermont$337.88 4.California$394.49 22.Florida$352.98 6.Washington$386.62 7.Hawaii$385.54 RankingStateAverage Car Repair Costs (Parts & Labor) 23.Iowa$352.98 17.Oregon$364.79 Other key findings:Six of the 10 states with the lowest car repair costs are from the Midwest, including Nebraska,Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana and Minnesota.The states with lower repair costs had more gas cap-related problems. A loose gas cap, which is one of the most common causes for check engine problems, accounted for nearly 12% of repairs in D.C. and 11% in Ohio. Loose, damaged or missing gas caps are an inexpensive fix but cause 147 million gallons of gas to evaporate annually.More than 12% of the repairs in D.C. were made at zero cost in terms of parts and labor charges, likely because of a higher number of vehicles that are new or under manufacturer’s warranty.Several states with lower repair costs had a substantial number of repairs that did not require any parts at all, including Missouri (26%) and Wisconsin (21%). Some of these repairs were made under warranty at no charge, while others were “check engine” light issues that could be fixed with a simple adjustment such as “tighten gas cap,” “adjust idle,” “remove aftermarket alarm” and “clean throttle body.”Drivers in Alaska paid the most ($268.22) for oxygen sensor replacement, which was the no. 1 most common repair in the country in 2010. O2 sensors monitor the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust and tell a car’s computer how much fuel to inject for proper operation. If a faulty O2 sensor is not repaired, the car’s fuel economy will dramatically drop. The average cost to replace an O2 sensor is $238.71, including parts and labor, but can lead to as much as a 40% reduction in gas mileage.The CarMD State-by-State ranking of average repair costs was derived from analysis of roughly 80,000 repairs made from Jan. 1, 2010 through Dec. 31, 2010 by CarMD’s network of Automotive Service Excellence-certified technicians.  The Census Regions and Divisions of the U.S. map was used for regional data calculations.  The repairs are all related to a vehicle’s “check engine” system, which is designed to alert drivers to large and small problems that affect emissions output and drivability. This technology is standard on all vehicles manufactured since 1996 and covers an estimated 80% of systems on cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans ‘ foreign and domestic. The CarMD database and average cost of repair findings does not include repairs of problems that are not associated with a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic computer such as tires, brakes and mechanical parts such as belts and hoses.About CarMDThe mission of Fountain Valley, Calif.-based Corporation is to empower consumers and the vehicle market by providing the tools and information needed to make better-educated decisions about their vehicles’ health and maintenance. An ISO 9001:2008-certified company, CarMD’s premiere product is the CarMD® Vehicle Health Systemâ ¢. The company has also built the largest, most up-to-date database of diagnostic trouble codes; expert fixes and repair costs, which it uses to compile the annual CarMD® Vehicle Health Indexâ ¢. For more information about common car repair problems and costs, visit, visit is external). For information about the company, its products and other consumer tips, is external).(Attached is a complete ranking of U.S. states in order of most to least expensive car repair costs in 2010)Average “Check Engine” Light Car Repair Costs ‘ 2010  (Source: Corp.) 39.Arkansas$334.35 35.Virginia$337.88 50.Missouri$297.27 15.Massachusetts$367.07 31.Maine$344.68 29.Texas$347.25 13.Alabama$368.85 In 2010, drivers in Arizona paid the most in the nation for car repairs at an average cost of $421.49, according to Corporation, which analyzed roughly 80,000 repairs made on vehicles with “check engine” light problems in 2010. Vermont ranked 33rd.Arizona’s no. 1 ranking is 18% more than the U.S. average for overall costs and 23% more for parts. Drivers in theDistrict of Columbia, which is one of the wealthiest areas in the country (according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau), paid the least at $265.29 per transaction. CarMD also found that drivers in New Jersey pay closest to the national average for car repair costs at $357.32, just a dollar more than the U.S. average. According to the first annual CarMD® Vehicle Health Indexâ ¢, the average cost of U.S. “check engine”-related auto repairs in 2010 was $356.04, including $212.44 in parts and $143.61 in labor costs.”Through comprehensive data collected via CarMD’s nationwide network of Automotive Service Excellence-certified technicians, we are able to provide national and state-by-state transparency into vehicle repair costs,” said Art Jacobsen, vice president, Corporation. “We are releasing this data to empower consumers and technicians with a better understanding of common repairs and costs, and to call attention to the fact that, regardless of region, drivers who follow a regularly scheduled maintenance program and address small problems early tend to have reduced fuel bills and repair costs.  That said, if you live in a state with harsh weather conditions such as Arizona’s heat or North Dakota’s cold, it’s imperative to take care of your car to avoid catastrophic vehicle failures.”Several interesting highlights emerge when comparing costs and ranking repairs for each state. WhileArizona’s no. 1 ranking can be attributed to warm, dry weather, which wreaks havoc on the longevity of a car’s parts, it is surprising to see Arizona’s average parts costs at 23% higher, and California’s labor costs 20% higher than the U.S. average. Western states round out the top five most expensive spots, with only three non-western states listed in the top 10, including North Dakota at no. 8, Rhode Island at no. 9 andSouth Dakota at no. 10. Drivers in the western U.S. paid about 13% more than drivers in the Midwest, 11% more than drivers in the Southeast and 5% more than those in the Northeast for repairs. Labor costs in the West tend to be higher due to dry air, build up and dust, such as clogged mass airflow sensor, which occurs more frequently and increases costs. Milder temperatures in Western states also allows for more year-round driving, which leads to added wear and tear.The following is the ranking of the top 5 states with the highest car repair costs in 2010, according to CarMD:center_img 21.New Jersey$357.32 Ohio $298.49  (16% lower than U.S. avg.)$175.24  (18% lower than U.S. avg.)$123.26  (14% lower than U.S. avg.) 38.Oklahoma$335.49 10.South Dakota$374.61 26.North Carolina$349.34 Wisconsin $298.76  (16% lower than U.S. avg.)$170.88  (20% lower than U.S. avg.)$127.88  (11% lower than U.S. avg.) 41.Montana$325.56 StateAverage Cost  (Parts & Labor)Average  Parts CostAverage  Labor Cost 28.Louisiana$347.46 42.Minnesota$318.54 20.Maryland$358.45 18.Pennsylvania$362.90 19.Illinois$361.56 Nevada$393.96  (11% higher than U.S. avg.)$227.08  (7% higher than U.S. avg.)$166.89  (16% higher than U.S. avg.) 40.Wyoming$330.88 2.New Mexico$406.81 3.Colorado$397.83 47.Nebraska$301.79 5.Nevada$393.96 44.Indiana$317.33 Arizona$421.49  (18% higher than U.S. avg.)$260.29  (23% higher than U.S. avg.)$161.20  (12% higher than U.S. avg.) 27.Michigan$348.03 9.Rhode Island$384.24 8.North Dakota$384.67 34.Georgia$338.31 45.Tennessee$316.64 Nebraska $301.79  (15% lower than U.S. avg.)$179.00  (16% lower than U.S. avg.)$122.79  (14% lower than U.S. avg.) 46.Mississippi$315.43 49.Ohio$298.49 33.Alaska$339.06 30.West Virginia$345.00 51.District of Columbia$265.29 FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., June 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —last_img read more

More needs to be done to prevent insider abuse

first_imgLate Friday evening as I was settling down for an end-of-week drink, the CU Times sent out a news alert about yet another credit union executive charged with ripping off his credit union. So it goes.This news wouldn’t be all that unusual, but for its audacity . Thirty six  year-old Michael LaJoice, CFO of the Clarkton-Brandon Community Credit Union in Michigan, is accused of stealing a mere $20 million from the $68 million credit union over a 12 year period.   LaJoice, who started working with the credit union when  he was 23, is charged with 14 counts of embezzling $100,000 or more from the credit union on 9 different occasions. He walked into a sheriff’s office last week and confessed his crimes  According to an Oakland County prosecutor, he did all this while  living a life-style of the rich and famous.With the caveat that Mr. LaJoice is innocent until  proven guilty. Stories like this are all too common, and they have real life consequences. In fact,  NCUA estimates that fraud was a factor in 41% of credit union failures between 2005 and 2015.What’s going on here? On paper, supervisory committees are well positioned to mitigate this type of criminal activity. For example, one of their primary goals is to establish policies and control procedures “that safeguard against error, carelessness, conflict-of-interest, self-dealing and fraud.”  (Supervisory Committee Guide, Section 4.01).  The most important way they  accomplish  this goal is by overseeing a yearly outside audit of the credit union’s books. continue reading » 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more