Reed Mathis’ Electric Beethoven Releases ‘Scene By The River’ Passage From Cervantes [Listen]

first_imgReed Mathis’ Electric Beethoven project has been traveling the country, bringing their ‘Classical Dance Music’ project of re-imagined Beethoven symphonies to a new generation of live music lovers. The group recently trekked through Colorado for a 3-night run that saw the quartet of Mathis of bass, keyboardist Todd Stoops, drummer Jay Lane, and guitarist Clay Welch go on some serious musical explorations of the classical material.Reed Mathis’ Electric Beethoven Breathes New Life Into Composer’s Classics In Colorado [Video]Take a listen to the group perform a “Scene by the River” passage from their recent show at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, CO below:last_img read more

The Motet To Play Funk-Fueled Baker’s Dozen Late-Night Show In NYC

first_imgWith Phish playing 13 shows over the span of three weeks in New York City at Madison Square Garden, there will be plenty of late-night shenanigans taking place all over Manhattan. During the first weekend, on Friday, July 21st, Colorado funksters The Motet will open the late-night festivities with a show of their own at BB King Blues Club & Grill just a few blocks up on 42nd Street (purchase tickets here).The Denver-based act has been coming strong with the funk force since 1998, led by founder and drummer Dave Watts. With Joey Porter (keys), Garrett Sayers (bass), Ryan Jalbert (guitar), Gabe Mervine (trumpet), Drew Sayers (sax), and the fairly recent addition of singer Lyle Divinsky in early 2016, The Motet comes at you with a complete and unified sound, digging extra deep into the world of funk with flourishes of afrobeat and jazz throughout. If you want to shake your tailfeather to some straight up grooves, The Motet at BB King’s is the first stop on the F-Train from MSG (the “F” is for Funk).Tickets for The Motet’s late-night at BB King’s can be purchased here. For additional information and show updates, join the Facebook Event page.[cover photo courtesy of Lauryn Sophia Photography – artwork created by Derek Perez – Peregon Creative] Enter To Win A Pair Of Tickets To The Motet Below!last_img read more

Fridays on the Fly: 4 Must-Fish West Virginia Trout Streams

first_imgThe Mountain State of West Virginia is a mecca for a wide range outdoor activities, but some would argue that fly fishing for trout is its biggest draw. Whether you live in West Virginia, reside nearby, or even if you’re a day’s drive from this remote corner of Appalachia, fly fishing here should be a high priority on every angler’s bucket list. Here are four of the best trout streams that West “By God” Virginia has to offer.The Cranberry RiverFlowing through the heart of the Monongahela National Forest and the 47,000 acre Cranberry Wilderness, the Cranberry River is known for producing sizable brookies, browns and rainbows. Anglers familiar with the area know that the Cranberry River is broken up into two sections, the backcountry and the lower sections. The lower section provides easier, drive-up access, while the 16-mile backcountry portion, which encompasses both the North and the South Fork, is more remote and deamnds a fair bit of hiking. Solitude is often the reward when fishing the backcountry section. Also notable on the backcountry section of the Cranberry River are the numerous overnight shelters. More info here.Elk RiverThe Elk River is a limestone spring creek that consistently draws anglers from all over the country. The reason for its draw is its propensity for producing large and feisty wild browns and rainbows—some reaching sizes of 20 inches or more.  Originating in the Allegheny Mountains at the confluence of Big Spring Fork and the Old Field Fork, the Elk River includes a catch and release only section, known as The Dries, that begins at the aforementioned headwaters and flows some 4.5 miles before disappearing underground where it feeds into several miles of caverns. Once the Elk River emerges from its underground depths, it continues for a few miles as catch and release only fishery. The catch and release section below the dries is said to harbor rainbow trout so large that they’ve been mistaken for steel head. More info here.11696340_10153540100251424_8203045961215267066_oDry ForkWhile not as universally known as acclaimed West Virginia trout waters like the Elk and Cranberry Rivers, Dry Fork is looked upon as a highly productive fishery by many a Mountain State native. Part of the well known Cheat River system, Dry Fork originates in the Monogahela National Forest before it flows through Randolph and Tucker counties. In both counties it is stocked once in February, and once every two weeks from March through May. The key to fishing this Cheat River tributary is to focus on riffles and deep pocket pools ranging three to five feet in depth.Seneca CreekFeatured on Trout Unlimited’s list of the top 100 trout streams in the United States, Seneca Creek is named for a series towering sandstone bluffs nearby that have been a popular destination with rock climbers for decades. While rock climbing may be the main attraction in this area, the fly fishing is not to be missed. Like the backcountry section of the Cranberry River, Seneca Creek is more remote than some of its counterparts, making an overnight excursion the best way to capitalize on all the great fly fishing it has to offer. The creek is know for wild rainbows and native northern strain brookies. For more info on seasonal hatches, preferred guides, and a detailed fishing report for Seneca Creek click here.More from the Fridays on the Fly Blog:last_img read more

Flat-rate taxation of rental and organization of accommodation in tourism

first_imgProperty tax and property rights The Tax Administration writes off the tax liability related to the second quarter, ie which they would be obliged to pay by the end of the second quarter, ie by 30.6.2020 June XNUMX, to all landlords, without the obligation to submit a special request. years.” For accommodation units in camps in the household, this amount is a minimum of HRK 500,00 and a maximum of HRK 1.000,00, and for family farms a minimum of HRK 250,00 and a maximum of HRK 500,00. At the beginning of April, the following announcement appeared on the Tax Administration’s website:”Renters who have submitted a request for deferral of tax payment until 30.3.2020, for the obligation due on 31.3.2020. they have exercised the right to defer payment of that obligation until 30.6.2020 June XNUMX, and it will not be written off. – per bed – per accommodation unit in a Robinson accommodation facility. 3,5% “Fund for the Undeveloped” 2,5% “Fund for United Tourist Boards” Similarity with a flat tourist tax According to the Income Tax Act, the Tax Administration determines the annual flat income tax and the decision is issued based on the decision of the representative body of the local self-government. How has the flat tourist tax been reduced due to extraordinary circumstances? The Income Tax Act stipulates min. and the maximum amount of tax Residue: It determines the amount of this tax within the given limits representative body of the local self-government unit i to 65% of the JLS tourist board, of which 30% is paid to the JLS account 20% Croatian National Tourist Board The flat-rate tourist tax is defined by the Tourist Tax Act. By the Ordinance on the lowest and highest amount of tourist tax, the Ministry of Tourism has set the framework for determining the amount by representative body of regional self-government. The lowest possible amount is (so far the highest) HRK 350,00 and the highest HRK 1.000,00 per bed in a household, ie the lowest HRK 200,00 and the highest HRK 500,00 per bed on a family farm. 15% regional (county) tourist board It determines the height representative body of regional self-government, indebtedness (decision) is issued by the Main Office of the Croatian National Tourist Board via the eVisitor platform. Beneficiaries of tourist tax revenues are: What about a flat income tax? The Law on Income Tax covers, among other things, property income tax and property rights. This group of tax liabilities also includes income from renting and organizing accommodation in tourism (provision of catering services in the household and on the family farm). This decision determines the amount of annual lump sum income, annual lump sum income tax and surtax on income tax, the amount of quarterly income tax and surtax on income tax, deadlines for payment of quarterly income tax and surtax on income tax, the amount of flat tax per month. accommodation unit, number of beds, ie number of accommodation units in the camp and / or camp-rest area, ie number of accommodation units in the Robinson accommodation facility, for which an annual flat income tax and surtax on income tax have been determined. The minimum and maximum amount of the flat-rate income tax are determined by the Income Tax Act (min. HRK 150,00, maximum HRK 1.500,00). The Ordinance on flat-rate taxation of the activities of renting and organizing accommodation for tourists elaborates the method of determining the amount of the flat-rate tax, the method of payment and the users of funds from this tax. The same is stated in the Law on Income Tax and the Law on Financing of Local and Regional Self-Government Units. Controversial actions of the Tax Administration Further measures can be taken during June when the situation with tourist travel becomes clearer, which depends on the opening of borders, lifting of measures prohibiting leaving the residence, banning the operation of catering facilities, banning the gathering of more than 5 people and the like. Ordinance on deferral or exemption from payment of tourist tax for persons providing catering services in the household or on the family farm on 23.3.2020. Due to extraordinary circumstances, the Minister of Tourism reduced the already issued flat-rate tourist tax debts by 50%. Contrary to the decision of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Finance insisted that each holder of the tax decision submit a request for delay the first installments of the flat-rate income tax. The request had to be submitted to the corresponding branch office of the Police Administration as of 30.3. because it is 31.3. the first installment was already due. To those who submitted a request 31.3. the same was not accepted with the interpretation that on that day the first installment was due, which is now considered a tax debt, and for that reason the claims are not accepted. So far, it is quite clear that no tourist traffic or revenue is possible by the end of June. This was also confirmed by the Ministry of Tourism by reducing the flat-rate tourist tax by 50% with a special rulebook and abolishing the flat-rate tourist tax on extra beds. Conclusion Can renters be exempt from paying a flat tax? Beneficiaries of income tax funds – per accommodation unit in the camp and / or camp-rest area and Annual flat income tax and surtax on income tax are paid quarterly, until the end of each quarter, in the amount of 1/4 of the annual flat income tax and surtax on income tax, ie in proportion to the number of quarters for which the liability is determined. The Ministry of Finance, having in mind almost the same procedure for adopting the amount of the flat-rate income tax as the tourist tax, could and should have reduced the flat-rate income tax by 50% in the same way. This means that the 1st and 2nd installments of the flat income tax should be written off. Local self-government units use 60% of the funds from the income tax, the rest is paid into the budget of the county to which the local self-government belongs to the equalization funds and decentralized functions. Only from this year (finally) it was decided that the tax is paid according to the place of origin of the obligation and not according to the place of residence. Author: Nedo Pinezić, www.nedopinezic.comlast_img read more

The European Commission is proposing a coordinated lifting of travel restrictions between Member States that have a similar epidemiological situation

first_imgThe Commission also establishes a common framework that provides criteria for the safe and gradual renewal of tourism activities and the development of health protocols for hotels and other forms of accommodation to protect the health of guests and employees. They should also provide passengers with sufficient flexibility, should allow passengers to travel on the same route under the same conditions of service or should passengers book a package travel contract with the same type of service or of the same quality. They should also be transferable to another passenger, the EC recommends. “These guidelines will allow people to safely stay in hotels, camps, bed and breakfasts or other leisure facilities, eat and drink in restaurants, bars and cafes, and go to beaches and other outdoor leisure areas.”Is stated in the statement of the EC. Read more about the guidelines in the attachment. / / / ATTACHMENT: COVID-19: EU Guidance for the progressive resuming of tourism services and for health protocols in hospitality establishments As for the opening of borders and bilateral negotiations between the states, the EC points out that the principle of non-discrimination is especially important, but that they approve bilateral negotiations in principle. The European Commission has recommended the gradual and coordinated lifting of travel restrictions between Member States or regions within them that have a similar epidemiological situation in order to save as much as possible from this year’s tourist season.  Tourism and transport: Commission’s guidance on how to safely resume travel and reboot Europe’s tourism in 2020 and beyond Also, the EC addressed the eye vouchers. According to EU rules, passengers have the right to choose between a voucher or a cash refund for canceled transport tickets (plane, train, bus / bus and ferry) or a package trip. Voluntary vouchers should be protected from the insolvency of the issuer, with a minimum validity of 12 months, and can be returned after a maximum of one year if not used. “Free movement and cross-border travel are key to tourism. As Member States manage to reduce the circulation of the virus, the covered restrictions on free movement should be replaced by more targeted measures. If the general abolition of restrictions is not justified by the health situation, the Commission shall propose a gradual and coordinated approach starting with the abolition of restrictions between areas or Member States with sufficiently similar epidemiological situations. The approach must also be flexible, including the possibility of reintroducing certain measures if the epidemiological situation so requires”Point out from the EC. “The principle of non-discrimination is particularly important: when a Member State decides to allow travel to its territory or to certain regions and territories in its territory, it should do so in a non-discriminatory way – allowing travel from all EU regions, regions or countries with similar epidemiological conditions. In the same way, all restrictions must be lifted without discrimination, to all EU citizens and all residents of that Member State, regardless of their nationality, and should apply to all parts of the Union in a similar epidemiological situation.”Point out from the EC. Read the whole document in the attachment.last_img read more

Australia: Superannuation review targets underperforming schemes

first_imgAustralia’s AUD2.6trn (€1.7trn) pension system has become “an unlucky lottery” for many Australian workers and their families, according to a new government report.After a two-year review, Australia’s Productivity Commission this week released a 571-page draft report – Superannuation: Assessing Efficiency and Competitiveness.“We have had compulsory [superannuation] for nearly 30 years, but its architecture is outdated,” said Karen Chester, deputy chair of the commission. “The system suffers from two structural flaws – unintended multiple accounts and entrenched underperformance.”The review could lead to what sections of the Australian media have called “the biggest shake-up” yet in the industry. This could include an unshackling of the retirement system from workplace bargaining agreements between employers and unions. A key issue during the review was the country’s AUD500bn default system. The commission rejected a bid from bank-owned retail funds to abolish this system.It said the default segment of super funds outperformed non-default funds, generating average net returns of about 7%. However, some workers were exposed to the costly risk of being defaulted into an underperforming fund.“With default funds being tied to the employer and not the employee, many members end up with another account every time they change job,” Chester said. One-third of accounts (about 10m) were “unintended multiples”, and the excess fees and insurance premiums paid by members on those accounts amounted to AUD2.6bn every year, the commission reported.“These problems are highly regressive in their impact – and they harm young and lower-income Australians the most,” Chester said.While most members were in funds that deliver good investment returns, millions were in funds that persistently underperformed. Over an average member’s working life, being stuck in a poor performing default fund could leave them with almost 40% less to spend in retirement, according to the commission.“Fixing these twin problems of entrenched underperformance and multiple accounts would lift retirement balances for members across the board,” Chester said. “Even for a 55-year-old today, the difference could be up to AUD60,000 by the time they retire. And for today’s new workforce entrants, they stand to be AUD400,000 a head when they retire in 2064.”  Productivity commissioner Angela MacRae said the commission proposed a package of changes focused on delivering for all members and “to modernise the system and deliver the best possible returns and products”.Among its proposals was that Australian workers should get to choose from a ‘best-in-show’ list of high-performing funds identified by an independent expert panel. The bewildering 40,000-plus investment options currently on offer should be streamlined to make it easier for members to select, the commission said.In addition, it called for the 112 funds managing less than AUD1bn to merge with bigger, better-performing funds.“Evidence of unrealistic economies of scale, persistent underperformance and an entrenched large number of small funds raises the question of why there have not been more fund mergers, given the likely benefits for members,” said the report.last_img read more

Shoaling at Mooloolah River Bar

first_imgA hydrographic survey of the Mooloolah River and its coastal bar on Tuesday, February 27, showed a shoal patch extending from the end of the eastern breakwater in a westerly direction past the centerline of the channel, reports the Department of Transport and Main Roads – Maritime Safety Queensland.The shoal has a least depth of approximately 2.4 meters at LAT on the entrance channel’s centerline, as well as a least depth of approximately 1.9 meters at LAT on the channels eastern edge.There is a secondary shoal patch west of the channels western edge with a least depth of 2.2m at LAT.According to the Department, the remainder of the entrance channel generally shows depths in excess of the 2.5m design depth at LAT.The cutter suction dredger (CSD) Navau is expected to move on station in early April 2020 and commence dredging operations, weather permitting.The dredger will exhibit day shapes and lights as required by the Collision Regulations, said the Department of Transport and Main Roads – Maritime Safety Queensland.last_img read more

Human bones found in Talisay

first_imgBACOLOD City – Human bones were discovered at Mount Kulukabayuhan in Barangay Cabatangan, Talisay City, Negros Occidental. Police officers immediately responded to the area to gather the bones. Members of the city’s Bantay Bukid Brigade found the remains while patrolling around 1:30 p.m. on July 1, a police report showed.center_img The remains were brought to a public cemetery for preservation./PNlast_img

Own poised to duck Sandown

first_imgTop-weight On His Own is likely to swerve the bet365 Gold Cup at Sandown on Saturday in favour of a run at the Punchestown Festival. Trainer Willie Mullins is leaning towards staying at home with last season’s Cheltenham Gold Cup runner-up, with a tilt at the Bibby Financial Services Ireland Punchestown Gold Cup a more likely alternative. He told At The Races: ” I would prefer to go to Punchestown with On His Own.” Press Associationlast_img read more

Tamim leads Bangladesh fightback

first_img(REUTERS) – Opener Tamim Iqbal led Bangladesh’s fightback with a dogged 78 after the hosts had got off to a wobbly start in reply to England’s first innings 293 on the second day of the opening Test yesterday.At stumps the match was delicately poised with Bangladesh on 221 for five, trailing England by 72 runs, with all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan (31) and nightwatchman Shafiul Islam (zero) at the crease.England captain Alastair Cook called on Moeen Ali, who top-scored for his side with 68, to bowl the final over of the morning and it took the bearded 29-year-old just two deliveries to break Bangladesh’s opening stand.The openers had looked untroubled until then but Moeen got the ball to spin past Imrul Kayes’ bat to hit the off-stump before number three Mominul Haque edged behind without scoring to leave Bangladesh reeling on 29-2.The hosts almost went through the second session unscathed after Moeen’s threat diminished on a baking afternoon with Tamim and Mahmudullah defending resolutely to keep England at bay at the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium.Bangladesh lost Mahmudullah (38) to leg-spinner Adil Rashid on the stroke of the tea interval but not before he had shared in a vital third-wicket partnership of 90 with Tamim.The left-handed Tamim was given out caught at slip off Moeen, but as on numerous occasions already in the match, he managed to get the umpire’s decision overturned on review. Replays showed the ball has missed the edge of his bat.He was finally out caught behind to off-spinner Gareth Batty who is playing his first Test in more than 11 years.Bangladesh edged towards England’s total as captain Mushfiqur Rahim (48) and Shakib dug in but Ben Stokes had Mushfiqur caught behind by wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow near the close of play to leave the game evenly balanced.England had earlier resumed on 258-7 and added 35 runs before debutant off-spinner Mehedi Hasan completed a six-wicket haul with the dismissal of Stuart Broad after left-arm spinner Taijul Islam had removed Chris Woakes and Rashid.ENGLAND 1st innings (o/n: 258-7)A. Cook b Al Hasan 4B. Duckett b M. Hasan 14J. Root c Sa. Rahman b M. Hasan 40G. Ballance lbw b M. Hasan 1M. Ali c Rahim b M. Hasan 68B. Stokes b Al Hasan 18J. Bairstow b M. Hasan 52C. Woakes c M. Haque b T. Islam 36A. Rashid c Sa. Rahman b T. Islam 26S. Broad c Rahim b M. Hasan 13G. Batty not out 1Extras: (b-14, lb-4, w-2) 20Total: (all out, 105.5 overs) 293Fall of wickets: 1-18, 2-18, 3-21, 4-83, 5-106, 6-194, 7-237, 8-258, 9-289.Bowling: Sh. Islam 9-1-33-0, M. Hasan 39.5-7-80-6, K. Rabbi 8-0-41-0 (w-2), S. Al Hasan 19-6-46-2, T. Islam 24-11-47-2, Sa. Rahman 3-0-11-0, Mahmudullah 2-0-17-0, M. Haque 1-1-0-0.BANGLADESH 1st inningsT. Iqbal c Bairstow b Batty 78I. Kayes b Ali 21M. Haque c Stokes b Ali 0Mahmudullah c Root b Rashid 38M. Rahim c Bairstow b Stokes 48S. Al Hasan not out 31Sh. Islam not out 0Extras: (lb-4, w-1) 5Total: (for 5 wickets, 74 overs) 221Fall of wickets: 1-29, 2-29, 3-119, 4-163 T. Iqbal, 5-221.Bowling: S. Broad 8-2-12-0, G. Batty 17-1 -51-1, C. Woakes 7-2-15- 0 (w-1), A. Rashid 13-1-51-1, M. Ali 19-2-66-2, B. Stokes 8-3-17-1, J. Root 2-0-5-0.last_img read more