Twiddle And Midnight North Trade Sit-Ins At The Majestic [Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images On Saturday night, Twiddle rolled into Madison, Wisconsin for a great show. The concert featured Midnight North as support. The latter band, featuring Grahame Lesh of the Grateful bloodline, did a spectacular job of opening the night. With some choice covers of The Band’s “Ophelia” and the Grateful Dead’s “Mr. Charlie” as well as originals, Midnight North demonstrated that they will be in the scene for a long time. They even brought up Twiddle musicians Mihali Savoulidis and Ryan Dempsey on stage for the Dead tune. All band members were clearly having fun and it reflected the good camaraderie between the two bands as they have shared multiple tour dates together.The first set played by Twiddle was an improvisatory juggernaut. The set only included four songs, but each was opened up for exploration. The set began with “Tom’s Song” that was almost 20 minutes. It segued into “Indigo Trigger.” Next up was “Mamunes the Faun” and it was followed by the set closer “White Light.” It was fun to get lost in the music only to find one’s self only four songs deep an hour later.The second set commenced with “Dusk ‘Til Dawn,” the one song from PLUMP that features drummer Brook Jordan on lead vocals. His voice was strong on the more relaxed song, but that didn’t stop the band from expanding on the song and taking it in a direction it probably doesn’t normally go. So the second set began where the first set left off. “Earth Mama” had the band bring up local fiddle player Tim McIlree to join them, as he had done with Midnight North. Perhaps the most fun part of the show was the encore when Midnight North’s Lesh and Elliot Peck joined Twiddle for “When It Rains It Pours.” Ryan Dempsey took the opportunity to crowd surf. As fans passed him to and fro, everyone was all smiles. It was a great concert from Twiddle. They will continue their spring tour in Ohio on Wednesday.Check out the full gallery below, courtesy of Daniel Ojeda.last_img read more

Teach Your Children Well: Antibalas Celebrates 20 Years of Afrobeat Glory in Oakland

first_imgLast weekend, Brooklyn’s mighty post-afrobeat troupe Antibalas stormed into Northern California in continuing celebration of their 20th anniversary, delivering phenomenal shows to sold-out audiences in San Francisco and Oakland, before a Sunday night throwdown in Santa Cruz. Originally a traditional afrobeat orchestra, Antibalas has blossomed into a bouquet of technicolor styles over two decades, many of which were on display on Saturday night at the New Parish in Oakland.Locally-based Permaculture Action Network tabled the show, and the capacity crowd clearly reveled in the free exchange of ideas—be it on the stage, conversing with the action network, or among one another. Any time Antibalas plays a set, there is a propensity for dreams of revolution to fill the air, and this weekend would be no different, especially in the politically-charged hotbed of Oakland.Antibalas has always been steadfast in their unison, a core tenet of the afrobeat genre. Sonically, they move as one. The band has fully rebounded into some of the finest form of their career, a phoenix of sorts rising from the ashes of near-bankruptcy in 2012. In 2017, they stormed back into the cultural zeitgeist, releasing the tremendous call-to-arms/return-to-form Where The Gods Are In Peace via Daptone Records. For these Cali anniversary shows, the group was lead into proverbial battle, as always, by founder/saxophonist Martin Perna and vocalist/keyboardist Duke Amayo. This pair continued their storied tradition at the helm, delivering a rabid Oakland massive to ecstatic states with a whirlwind ninety-minute tour-de-force. Antibalas was augmented by the tenor-sax wizardry of Cocheema Gastellum, he of Robert Walter’s 20th Congress and Dap-Kings fame. Gastellum was joined by Toubab Krewe bassist Justin Kimmell (who also pulled double duty with Antibalas) and a small, sublime band for a fifty-minute opening set. Cheme unveiled a series of numbers from his just-released solo LP, All My Relations, also released on Daptone Records.We caught up with Ryan Rising of Permaculture Action Network after the show as he, Perna and Amayo were building backstage and making more plans for the future. Rising had this to say about Permaculture Action Network and Antibalas budding collaborations:Antibalas shouted out the Permaculture Action Network to mark the transition into the midnight hour. Our collective, which mobilizes people from concerts and cultural events to days of regenerative direct action – building the places and viable alternatives of world we want to see – was upstairs in the balcony tabling and building relationship with the audience. Permaculture Action Network has mobilized concert audiences with Rising Appalachia, Beats Antique, Dirtwire, and other performing artists throughout our 92 Permaculture Action Days in 65 cities across 26 US states. In total, we have mobilized thirteen thousand people to date. We are looking at action days in the Spring of 2019 and 2020 with Antibalas, and are grateful for their support. It was wonderful to see guitarist Marcos Garcia (Chico Mann)—a longtime Brooklyn-based band member who relocated to Los Angeles a few years back and doesn’t play with them regularly anymore—back onstage with Antibalas in Oakland. Recently, Garcia has been immersed in his own Here Lies Mann project, which is another Antibalas-affiliated effort. Garcia’s fingerprints are, however, all over Where The Gods Are In Peace, as Perna credits Garcia with the modern sonic thump that informs their most recent LP. Another impressive element of the band was drummer Kevin Raszcka, who has really upped the ante when it comes to Antibalas riddims. He drove the tantric train with a perfect blend of meditation and groove, propelling the rhythmic energy into the stratosphere all night.Coming out of the gates with newer material like “Tombstone” and “Hook & Crook” introduced the East Bay to a more dynamic sound, less traditional to afrobeat and more contemporary in approach—but these tracks are still of the Antibalas bloodline. The swollen ensemble reached back for classics like “Dirty Money” from 2012’s self titled LP, “Sister” from 2004’s Who is America? and 2002 deep cut “Nyash.” A young woman—a child, really—moved and grooved alongside Amayo at the front of the stage, shining with a gleam in her eye and some liberating dance moves. The musicians and audience seemed to feed off her energy and childlike glee.The band finished the main part of their set with another recent jam, “Gold Rush”, which saw the players really cut loose, passing the jam around the stage. After Perna shouted out Permaculture Action Network and expressed support for the striking Oakland teachers, he thanked the audience and introduced the current iteration of Antibalas. The contingent returned to the stage for a titanic take on a timeless encore, “V.I.P.”, a rollicking number dear in the hearts of many fans from yesteryear, today, and mañana.center_img Setlist: Antibalas | New Parish | Oakland, CA | 2/23/19Tombstown, Hook & Crook, Dirty Money, Sister, Nyash, Fight Am Finish, Gold RushE: V.I.P.Antibalas is:Vocals and Keys: Duke AmayoTrumpet: Jackie ColemanTrombone: Aaron JohnsonBari Sax: Martin PernaTenor Sax: Cochemea GastelumBass: Justin KimmelGuitar: Timothy Allen/ Marcos GarciaDrums: Kevin RazckaCongas: Reinaldo DeJesusShekere: Marcus Farrarwords: B.Getzlast_img read more

SMC 5-K raises funds for cancer research

first_imgIn the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the “Belles for Boobies” 5-K walk and run Sunday will raise awareness and money to support women’s health, senior Holly Dorson-King said. Dorson-King said over 100 participants already registered for the race, and she expects as many as 20 race-day entries. “My focus or goal is to raise awareness and inspire the campus to get involved in a cause that directly benefits women’s health through energetic enthusiasm and passion,” Dorson-King said. The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Club will host the race. Dorson-King, the club’s treasurer, said the race fits perfectly with the club’s mission to educate students on how to create a healthy environment. “In learning about Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, I was enticed to seek collaboration in order to host a breast cancer race in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” Dorson-King said. She said she was inspired to organize the race after her summer externship experience. “I spent this past summer learning as a nursing extern at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan and working with oncology patients,” Dorson-King said. “It was this experience that furthered my enthusiasm to not only help raise awareness of breast cancer, but to inspire in [Saint Mary’s] women a passion to fight for a phenomenal cause that touches so many lives not only in this country, but in the [Saint Mary’s] community.” The “Save the Tatas” campaign also inspired Dorson-King to come up with the name “Belles for Boobies.” “I love the ‘Save the Tatas’ campaign, but that’s already been used and I wanted to connect [the name] to Saint Mary’s, so I used Belles and boobies instead of tatas,” Dorson-King said. “But I didn’t want to cross any lines, so I went right to [Vice-President of Student Affairs] Karen Johnson and asked her to approve the name.” The race has also inspired Saint Mary’s graduates to get involved. “There have been some alumnae that contacted me about coming and participating,” she said. “There even might be a SMC alumna and breast cancer survivor that will speak at the start of the race.” The track for the Belles for Boobies 5-K will follow a double loop around Saint Mary’s campus. The registration fee for the race is $5. Funds raised by the event will support the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Dorson-King said.last_img read more

Students start club focused on fostering open dialogue

first_imgHave you ever wondered when an apple stops being an apple? Or what love really is? Or if art can ever be wrong?Four Notre Dame students — Emily Okawara, Roisin Goebelbecker, Sean McMahon and Matt Williams — recently launched askND, a campaign aiming to create an open space to where students can talk about questions like these, and many more, away from the pressures and regulations of a classroom to make their university experiences more meaningful.“We need something bipartisan, completely inclusive and just fun like this to kind of build a foundation across campus and get people in a room, get people talking with each other and understand that we all have something in common because we’re all wondering about these questions,” Williams said. “We’re not just creating a club for curious people. We’re starting a movement to encourage everyone on campus to be more curious.”Okawara, Goebelbecker, McMahon and Williams said they took inspiration from two existing student-founded groups – Hot Chocolate and Chat, founded by Okawara, and Olympia Academy, founded by Williams and McMahon. They noticed the positive conversation and human connection that takes place when an open dialogue was encouraged and wanted to bring that to the rest of campus, Okawara said.“We’ve seen and experienced first-hand the explosive conversations that happen behind closed doors,” McMahon said. “We are trying to make that a part of Notre Dame culture. We want people to ask really complex questions about God when they’re just walking down the quad with their friends and not feel weird about it.”Another inspiration for the movement came in part from experiences that students had on Appalachia service trips.“We went on these trips without any distractions and with people that we would never meet at the University otherwise — at Bethlehem Farm — and we kind of realized that this was something we really wanted through our university experience,” Okawara said. “We’re so used to meeting people through classes and clubs and dorms and parties … we wanted to create a space where you were able to jump straight into these conversations, not have any of the titles or distractions you have in those other spaces.”Every morning, a question of the day will be posted on the Instagram page, ask.nd, as well as Twitter, @askmend and Facebook, askND. The questions could range from “What are your tattoos and what are your scars?” to “What keeps you up at night and what excites you?” Though the questions may seem simple at first glance, they are really “iceberg” questions that can lead to many different answers, Williams said.“If you think you know the answer, ask it anyways and see what happens,” McMahon said.The group is distributing distinctive purple question mark pins as a way to identify with the movement and serve as a conversation starter.“[It’s] a campaign, a movement and a community,” Williams said. “In the organization sense, it’s a campaign. We are very much trying to promote a culture of open dialogue and honest dialogue with each other, but it’s a movement because we want to change the culture and become a permanent part of Notre Dame’s fabric and it’s a community because it’s not exclusive at all. It’s for anyone and everyone at Notre Dame.”Williams, Okawara and McMahon said everyone is encouraged to participate in the movement, no matter who they are.“The campaign was started by two extroverts, two introverts, in four different majors and four different dorms,” Williams said. “So it’s not limited to one college or one type of person. There’s no right or wrong way to participate in askND, it’s as simple as just asking.”In addition to the questions of the day, askND will host a meeting in Geddes Coffeehouse from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. every Sunday as a space for open dialogue about anything and everything, McMahon said.“I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t at least benefit from having some of these conversations,” Williams said. “For the three of us, and for [Goebelbecker] as well, we really wanted these when we came here and didn’t really know where to get them from so we made structures that did that. And a big part of founding this and hopefully leaving this as a legacy here is that it will be easier for people in the future to come here and want to start having conversations about anything and everything…now they’ll know exactly where to turn and they’ll have a network of people who are interested in doing the same thing.”“The need for these conversations is never going to go away,” Mcmahon said. “There’s always going to be issues that will need to be discussed and there’s always going to be people that you disagree with. So I guess, don’t you think that’s a skill you should be building in college? If not now, when? If we can offer that space to people and give them a common ground for them to come interact and not to have us impose our values on them but utilize the common value of conversation and from there figuring out what you value.”Through askND, Goebelbecker, Williams, Okawara and McMahon said they hope to help make students Notre Dame experiences more meaningful.“In talking to a lot of students as well as faculty members everyone seems to pretty much be in agreement that the more you talk about Notre Dame, the more you understand why you’re going here,” Williams said. “The more of these conversations we’re having whether it’s something about love or our faith or eventually if we start getting into things that are more socially oriented, the more we talk about them and the more people we talk about them with the better we’ll understand ourselves and the better we’ll understand each other.”Tags: Ask ND, club, dialoguelast_img read more

Nurse discusses role of SANEs, prevalence of sexual assault

first_imgSaint Mary’s Belles Against Violence Office (BAVO) invited Nancy Grant, a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) and Forensic Coordinator in the Forensic Department at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, to speak to students about her position, resources available and statistics on sexual assault as part of Sexual Violence Awareness Month on Tuesday evening.The event was held in Rice Commons and put on by co-chairs of BAVO Awareness and Outreach Committee junior Emily Scott and graduate student Jess Purvis.“We had brainstorming sessions during Student Advisory Committee training and this was one of the things that we decided upon,” Scott said. “We’ve heard the student nurses here on campus receive these kinds of lectures or training, so it just seemed beneficial for the rest of the campus to hear about.”Scott said she is hopeful girls who attended the event will raise awareness and find the session informative.“I want the girls who come to events like this to have more awareness and for them to know that they have resources here,” she said.Grant began her presentation with basic information about what a SANE is and does.“We do see a lot of different counties because there aren’t very many forensic programs in our state, especially in Northern Indiana,” Grant said. “We have continuing education for our nurses. They are required to attend at least one educational offering every six months. Most of them surpass that and attend at least one thing per month.”Grant then talked to the group about the statistics of assault and its frequency.“One in four girls and one in six boys are sexually assaulted by the age of 18. That’s a huge impact on our community and our society,” Grant said. “Every two minutes, someone is sexually assaulted in the United States.”Grant continued with the statistics and said she finds it upsetting to see the lack of prosecution of sexual assault cases.“Only 17% of our rape cases are prosecuted nationally. That is unsettling to me,” Grant said. “We are trying super hard in our community to make a change for that. We have made big strides with the nurses that are trained to take care of patients who come in that have been sexually assaulted. Our prosecutors have gotten better, detectives have gotten much better.”Grant also talked about the prevalence of domestic and sexual abuse in communities in the United States and worldwide. She said assault can happen in any group of people.“What we’re talking about with intimate partner violence is any physical, sexual, psychological harm caused by a current or former partner or spouse [and it] is a worldwide problem affecting all demographic groups,” Grant said.Purvis said she hopes people will be able to use this event as a way to better educate people on sexual assault.“[Grant] gives some really good facts, and I hope that people are comfortable enough to share that information with other people,” Purvis said. “It can be a hard topic to talk about. They can be like, ‘Oh, I went to this thing last night and I know this information about it now,’ and that can make it all easier to talk about.”Tags: BAVO, Belles Against Violence Office, sexual assaultlast_img read more

Columbia Montrail puts its Spring 2017 collection to the test

first_imgColumbia Montrail put its Spring 2017 collection to the test at one of the most physically and mentally challenging trail running races in the world: the Columbia-sponsored Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB). Located on some of the highest peaks in the Alps, UTMB is a continuous 103-mile race, which means no sleeping, just running for over 20 hours. To share the inspiring moments and trials of the race, we developed a special video, entitled Endure, currently featured on Columbia’s social media channels. See the trailer here.Endure features three of the participants from last year’s race: Amy Sproston, a Columbia Montrail-sponsored runner from the United States, and Columbia employees Ruy Ueda and Tomo Araki from Japan. To watch the video and find out how Amy, Ruy and Tomo endured one of the biggest challenges of their lives, click here.last_img read more

Long Island Blizzard: Cuomo Declares State of Emergency for Nassau & Suffolk

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has declared a state of emergency for Nassau and Suffolk counties amid a powerful Nor’easter walloping the region. “We are concerned about Long Island,” Cuomo told reporters during a press conference Saturday morning. Cuomo said his primary concern for the Island is not heavy snowfall, which is expected to increase in intensity as the day goes on, but rather potential flooding along the coast. “That is probably the worst curveball Mother Nature can throw,” he said of potential floods. The governor said he’ll be on Long Island Saturday afternoon and expressed concern about the state of the Long Island Expressway and the Long Island Rail Road. Under a state of emergency, Cuomo has the power to ban travel on certain roads but he has yet to do so. “The roads are open but that is a deceptive statement,” Cuomo said. He urged residents to refrain from driving. “We have not closed the roads, however, as I’ve said before—and I can’t say forcefully enough—unless there is an emergency situation or a critical need, you should not be on the roads,” he added. “The Long Island Rail Road has specific issues…and of course flooding is a primary concern on Long Island,” Cuomo continued. The LIRR is running on its normal weekend service but the railroad may modify service if conditions deteriorate. State officials also noted that all flights out of John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport have been cancelled. Long Island MacArthur Airport has also cancelled all flights. The Island could get slammed with up to two feet of snow, forecaster said.last_img read more

How DE training changes lives: Nanci Wilson & Mary Beth Spuck

first_imgFour times a year, credit union professionals from around the U.S., and some from around the globe, gather for a one week credit union “boot-camp” filled with lessons in principles, philosophy, history and more.While many aspects of what goes on during Credit Union Development Education (DE) Training remain unknown to those who haven’t joined the secret circle, there is one aspect of the training that is well known – it is life changing. Often times this experience helps credit union professionals to discover and ignite a passion they didn’t know existed, which ultimately benefits their credit union career and the credit union movement as a whole.To highlight the incredible successes that can come from attending DE Training, the Foundation has started capturing the stories of past attendees and learning how DE has changed their life.Nanci Wilson is a fantastic example of how DE can change your life. Nanci attended DE Training in 2015 as a Member Service Supervisor at North Star Community Credit Union in North Dakota. She is now serving as the Training and Education Director at North Star CU, and credits her passion and credit union purpose to the DE Program.“I came to DE knowing nothing about CU history or what we stood for. DE has a special way of making you step outside of your comfort zone, tossing you into the credit union knowledge pool, building you up, and then aligning you in such a way that you simply can’t imagine NOT being in the credit union movement. Because of DE, I view members completely differently. When they walk in our credit union, I strive to be that person that makes them feel welcomed and comfortable enough to ask the tough questions. This approach came directly from my DE Training and has opened up an entirely new world in the way that I treat everyone.”Nanci has remained involved with DE, serving as a mentor in 2016, speaking at DE graduation, and attending other speaking engagements about credit union principles and philosophies. DE has inspired her to help her community through various projects such as CU-Connect, where she connects her members to local business and services. It has also inspired a yearly backpack exchange for local kids, and an entrepreneurship program for youth called Seeds-2-$ave. You can learn more about Nanci’s life and impactful projects after DE by clicking here.Another great example of an inspiring story of DE changing someone’s life is Mary Beth Spuck. Mary Beth went through DE in 2009 when she was serving as the AVP of Retail Sales at TwinStar Credit Union in Washington. She believes that the experiences and knowledge she received through the DE Program helped shape her into the leader she is today, as she now serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at TwinStar CU.“I have always strived to be a servant leader, and my DE experience has helped me further develop those servant leadership traits. Through exercises and activities within DE, I have gained more empathy for my staff. One of the biggest take-aways I had from DE was the 12 development issues and how they can affect the daily lives of members and even my staff. I now look for ways to serve our employees with benefits that help address any of the 12 development issues our staff maybe experiencing. In addition, the program has emboldened me to take action when I see injustice rather than sit on the sideline”Since attending DE, she has stayed active in the DE community. She co-facilitated the Philippines DE Program where she gained exposure to cooperatives in the Philippines, which lead to her being more involved with cooperatives in Washington. She has also served as a DE mentor, and participated in Filene’s i3 program, which stands for Ideas, Innovation and Implementation.  You can learn more about Mary Beth’s accomplishments after attending DE by clicking here.You can see more examples of DEs around the US making a difference in the lives of their credit union members and those in their community by clicking here. 128SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Lacey Yasick Lacey is the Communications Manager for the National Credit Union Foundation. She works to develop and execute all communication efforts that support the Foundation’s national programs and engagement strategy.Lacey … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Kieran Tierney stops Arsenal stars from walking straight down tunnel after Liverpool loss

first_imgThe Scot, who came on as a substitute in the 83rd minute, was quick to rally his deflated teammates and beckoned them over to the away end to thank the travelling Arsenal support.Captain for the night Hector Bellerin had his back to Ceballos and Guendouzi when they walked off, but joined Tierney in calling them back once he spotted them storming off.Tierney, as the final penalty went in, grabbed all the players and told them to go thank the away fans. Well done, lad.— Andrew Allen (@AAllenSport) October 30, 2019 The relationship between Arsenal’s fans and players is particularly fragile at present, with supporters at the Emirates having booed skipper Granit Xhaka in the weekend’s Premier League draw with Crystal Palace.The Swiss midfielder responded by cupping his ear to the crowd and swearing at them and it remains to be seen if he will return to the line-up on Saturday against Wolves after being rested at Anfield.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Metro Sport ReporterThursday 31 Oct 2019 9:07 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link7.3kShares Advertisement Kieran Tierney stops Arsenal players from walking straight down tunnel after Liverpool defeatcenter_img Advertisement The summer signing called back his frustrated teammates as they made a quick exit (Picture: Getty)Arsenal fans have praised Kieran Tierney for his classy reaction to Wednesday night’s Carabao Cup penalty shootout defeat to Liverpool, rounding up his teammates to thank the travelling support.The Gunners were involved in a thrilling tie at Anfield, fighting back from a goal down to take a two-goal lead only to be pegged back by two stunning strikes from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Divock Origi in the second half.Joe Willock thought he had won the contest with an outrageous long-range goal of his own, but Origi’s acrobatic effort in stoppage time sent the match to penalties.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityBoth sides were flawless from the spot until Dani Ceballos stepped up, with his effort saved by Caoimhin Kelleher, and that allowed youngster Curtis Jones to seal the win.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTAs soon as his effort snuck in off the post, several of Arsenal’s devastated players – who had been shoulder-to-shoulder on the halfway line – made a beeline for the tunnel.Ceballos looked keen to make a quick getaway after his decisive miss while Matteo Guendouzi followed suit, but Tierney called both players back.Tierney is pure class here – he gets it already 👏👏👏👏— Johno ✖️ (@Talkinoutmyarse) October 30, 2019 Commentlast_img read more

Philippe Coutinho rules out Liverpool return

first_imgPhilippe Coutinho has ruled out an emotional return to Liverpool in the future, insisting he is now on ‘another journey’ after quitting Anfield two years ago. Promoted Content9 Most Disturbing Movie Dystopias2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way7 Universities In The World With The Highest Market ValueWhy Go Veg? 7 Reasons To Do ThisThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s Hysterical8 Things You Didn’t Know About CoffeeTop 10 Enemies Turned Friends in TVWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?7 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Vegan7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The Universe Loading… It was reported on Tuesday that Jurgen Klopp looked into the possibility of re-signing Coutinho before he joined Bayern Munich in a £19million loan move last summer. But despite enduring a frustrating 18 months at Barcelona prior to his switch to Germany, Coutinho claims he has no intention of going back to Merseyside.He told Sports Illustrated: ‘I don’t look back. I took another path, and now I am on another journey, much like everyone else.‘I’m focused entirely – just like them – on reaching my dreams. I’m happy with what I did in the past, and now I can only look forward.’Barca paid Liverpool an eye-watering £145million for Coutinho in January 2018, but he failed to settled at the Nou Camp and was soon shipped out.He was also forced to watch his old side, who are on course to win their first Premier League title, knock Barca out of the Champions League on their way to winning the competition last season.Philippe Coutinho rules out sensational return to Liverpool— Gossipieh (@gossipieh) February 12, 2020Read Also: Liverpool join race to sign quickly-improving €30m starHowever, the former Inter Milan star insists that he has nothing but positive feelings towards his old club as they chase domestic and European glory.‘Liverpool is flying, and it doesn’t surprise me,’ he added. ‘We’ve seen it already last year when they won the Champions League, but I’m also not surprised because of their fantastic squad and manager.‘I am so happy for them, because I have so many friends there, former team-mates –so I’m just so happy for them. But that’s all.’FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more