Secure entrances to protect students

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionArmed teachers or even an armed security guard at the door of a school will not stop a deranged gunman. In the recent case, the expelled student would have known who and where the armed guard was stationed and that person would have been his first victim.Double entrance doors, with a screening area between the doors, works well at many schools.It’s even used at high-end jewelry stores.Louis BachScotiaMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censuslast_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Jan. 8

first_imgTired of Gov. Cuomo wasting tax dollarsI’m tired of politicians thinking they know better than we do. This applies to many things, but one big one is spending our money.They love to spend our money, and if they run out, they just raise taxes and keep spending.Gov. Andrew Cuomo is writing more checks we can’t cash. He wants high-speed rail between Albany and Buffalo (The Gazette, Dec. 28). Why? Apparently because other people have it. No cost/benefit analysis provided. His famous, frightening words: “This technology is too expensive, too difficult, and will take too long. That’s not an acceptable attitude for New York.”Think about that. If something is too expensive for you, what do you do? If it’s too difficult, what do you do? Apparently, the answer is to have somebody else pay for it, and no matter how hard it is, the taxpayers will persevere. Cuomo, stop wasting our money.Bill DenisonBurnt HillsLook to Jesus in seeking world peaceSuch beautiful messages, such beautiful prayers, such beautiful songs. What if we followed Jesus’s loving teachings 365 days a year, rather than one?What if the United States reduced our 20,000 nukes by a few thousand a year like we pledged to decades ago, rather than bomb countries like Iraq and Syria, or threaten countries like Iran or Korea, which don’t even have one nuclear weapon, (per U.N. inspections)?“Imagine” if, following President Eisenhower’s warning, we called out the corporate military industrial congressional complex by refusing to vote for all the political elite who just increased the destructive, consumptive, imperial war funding.One-hundred-thousand brave soldiers defied orders during the great Christmas truce in 1914.Let’s stand for love, not hate. Let’s demand peace, not war.  After all, what would Jesus do?Peter LookerGlenvilleHave police handle campus sex abuseWhy do we even have a newspaper article (Gazette’s Dec. 28 “Report looks at colleges’ handling of sex assault cases”) reporting on colleges’ handling of sexual assault accusations?The last I knew, sexual assault was a crime. Isn’t it totally inappropriate and unacceptable for college personnel or administrations to be dealing with processing and deciding the facts and resolution of a legal crime?M. B. GuidarelliSchenectady More from The Daily Gazette:HIGH NOTES: PPEs, fighting hunger, backpacks and supplies for kidsEDITORIAL: Take a role in police reformsEDITORIAL: No more extensions on vehicle inspectionsEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the census Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionStefanik and Trump mock Constitutioncenter_img Rep. Elise Stefanik is turning a blind eye to what our president has done to be impeached by Congress. Republicans insist on not believing dedicated Americans who work for our government and aren’t political.Experts on our Constitution testified not against our president, but to what our Founders laid out on the law of the land.Make no mistake. If the parties involved were turned around to a Democratic president, Republicans would protect the whistle blower at all costs. Republicans are as blind as the Sanhedrin that condemned Jesus.“Christianity Today,” an Evangelical paper started by Rev. Billy Graham, is calling for our president to be impeached. Many Evangelicals have much respect for “Christianity Today.” But it seems Elise Stefanik and Donald Trump have nothing but bad things to say about it. Trump is as immoral as one can be, and those who champion him are as immoral as he is. The Senate has already exonerated Trump without a trial as our Constitution calls for. History, and more importantly, Our Lord, will remember those who have made a mockery of our Constitution like our North Country Representative Elise Stefanik with regard to taking away our laws as laid out by our Forefathers.Gary Philip GuidoRotterdamSantabarbara is responsive, effectiveI am writing in response to Jennifer Richards’ Dec. 21 letter (“Santabarbara is far left and ineffective”). Angelo Santabarbara has been an active, engaged representative of his district in the state Assembly. I work very closely, in a non-partisan way, with Assemblyman Santabarbara on many fronts, and he has never disappointed with his availability, advocacy and concern about the issues facing his community.As an educator in a school district in Angelo’s district, I feel he has delivered on his promise of providing the districts in his region with the funding necessary to provide the best publicly funded education our state can provide; even in tight budget years.He provides his district with bullet aid, above and beyond what is allotted by the state, to help maintain programs and to make sure our students have what they need to succeed.He has worked tirelessly to advocate for citizens of our state who have autism. His work on this issue has resulted in the passage of several laws that improve the lives of our fellow New Yorkers who live with autism. Finally, Angelo has also worked tirelessly for veterans who live in our community.Angelo Santabarbara is a dedicated member of the New York State Assembly who represents a district that does not include southern Saratoga County. As a citizen of Burnt Hills, I encourage you to seek the contact information for your representatives, Sen. Jim Tedisco and Assemblywoman MaryBeth Walsh to advocate on your behalf.Michael LibertucciSchenectadyIt’s time to get past political polarizationThe clamjamfry has sent a clarion message to the clerisy that the mare’s nest called the Russian collusion is just a chimera.Now we have to jettison the dog’s breakfast known as the Ukraine quid pro quo if we wish to return to the halcyon days of the Nixon and Clinton administrations — a time when the word “polarization” was used only in reference to seekers of the Northwest Passage.Yes, yes, Hillary Clinton did claim the impeachment of Bill was “a vast right wing conspiracy,” and Carville wanted to drag a dollar bill through a trailer park of “deplorables.” Clinton committed perjury and Nixon pulled the trigger for the Saturday Night Massacre. But these days, we have a political smackdown every day the New York Times prints a fresh fish wrapper.So if you want your morning rag to induce relaxation and snoring, elect Joe Biden. Instead of ground and pound, The New York Times and The Washington Post will have hide and hype. All the good news that’s fit to print.Joe NialClifton ParkCreate a statue park in SchenectadyI am in complete agreement with James A. Wilson’s Jan. 1 letter (“Put Lady Liberty back where she belongs”). I can think of no intelligent, nonpartisan, patriotic reason not to.I can think of a lot of petty, mean-spirited, biased things to say about the people who hid the statue away, stored in some dank warehouse, and then plopped her, unrefurbished and unannounced, at an ugly, unsafe, unpatriotic piece of leftover parking lot at Erie and Union. I will save those kinds of thoughts for future opines on the national political entanglement.I’d go a step beyond Mr. Wilson: Create a sculpture garden. Untuck Ms. Tubman and Sec. Seward from their hidey hole next to the library.Free Misters Edison and Steinmetz from their hellish location on Erie Boulevard. Has any pedestrian walked by that spot since Edison and Steinmetz were alive and the workers all lived in Schenectady and walked to GE? Gateway/Liberty/Freedom Park would be a great location for all three sculptures. If Frog Alley is ever completed, it would complement the area even further.Dick CurtisScotialast_img read more

Hounslow/Heathrow industrial: West London all spaced out

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Unlocking the gate

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REITs will mean a battle for the public’s hearts and minds

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PREMIUMJokowi calls on journalists to step up fight against hoaxes

first_imgLOG INDon’t have an account? Register here President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has urged journalists to tackle the rampant spread of false news in the media through reliable and accountable journalism work.Journalists, he said, should be at the forefront of eliminating hoaxes and easing people’s anxieties as a result of misleading news.”The press’s role in conveying reliable information is extremely needed, especially when the country is facing such unexpected situations like the coronavirus outbreak,” Jokowi said on Saturday while attending a celebration for National Press Day in Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan.“A healthy society is a society that is exposed to healthy and [accurate] information; this information comes from good journalism.”House of Representative Speaker Puan Maharani said on the sidelines of the commemoration that “a professional and accountable press is incr… Forgot Password ? Google press journalism #Hoax hoax Jokowi #Jokowi false-news #FakeNews Linkedin Topics : Log in with your social account Facebooklast_img read more

Wuhan hospital director dies of coronavirus

first_imgLi’s death prompted a national outpouring of grief as well as anger against the authorities, who were accused of mishandling the crisis.People took to social media once more to mourn Liu on Tuesday, with many users on the Twitter-like Weibo platform drawing comparisons between Liu’s death and Li’s, which was also initially reported by state media and then denied hours before being finally confirmed again.Doctors in Wuhan face shortages of masks and protective bodysuits, with some even wearing makeshift hazmat suits and continuing to work despite showing respiratory symptoms, because of a lack of medical staff, health workers have told AFP. A hospital director at the epicenter of China’s virus epidemic died Tuesday, state media said, the latest medical worker to fall victim to the coronavirus which has spread across the country.The COVID-19 virus, which is believed to have originated in Wuhan late last year, has spread to more than 72,000 people and killed 1,900 in China.Liu Zhiming, the director of Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan, died Tuesday morning after “all-out rescue efforts failed,” state broadcaster CCTV reported. Topics :center_img He is the first known hospital director to have died from the coronavirus.At least six other medical workers have died from the virus, while 1,716 have been infected, according to official figures.Liu’s death was initially reported by Chinese media and bloggers shortly after midnight on Tuesday — but the stories were later deleted and replaced with reports that doctors were still attempting to save him.The hospital director’s death has echoes of the death of Wuhan ophthalmologist Li Wenliang, who had been punished by authorities for sounding the alarm about the virus in late December.last_img read more

A Jewish president? Sanders, Bloomberg vie to bust US barrier

first_imgWhite House hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg could hardly be more different in their politics, but in one striking way they share a similarity marking a milestone in US presidential campaigning: both men are Jewish.Should Senator Sanders, the progressive torchbearer and current Democratic frontrunner, or centrist billionaire Bloomberg, who is polling in third, win the nomination and then the election against incumbent Donald Trump, America would have the first Jewish president in its history.The contest may have reached a peak Jewish cultural moment at a recent Democratic debate when Sanders and Bloomberg, both 78-year-olds either born or living in New York, compared their heart health on stage. There is little love lost between them, as evidenced in January when Bloomberg sand-bagged his fellow member of the tribe during an address at a Miami synagogue.”I know I’m not the only Jewish candidate running for president,” the media tycoon said, between quoting Leviticus and jokes about Wolfie’s deli.”But I am the only one who doesn’t want to turn America into a kibbutz.”The rise of Sanders has sparked a debate about whether values embraced by Jews, like social justice, are best achieved through policies including universal health care, or by unwavering defense of Israel.Sanders antagonized many in the community Sunday by announcing he was boycotting the upcoming annual meeting of AIPAC, Washington’s influential pro-Israel lobby, because it provides a platform for “bigotry.”Sanders has repeatedly insisted he supports Israel but opposes policies that he says hurt Palestinians. In Tuesday’s debate he branded Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “reactionary racist.”Sanders’s dominance in the race has been a point of pride for some Jews, but anxiety for others.”Sanders is a harder person to cheer for than what the centrist Jewish community fantasized would be the first time they had the chance to consider a Jewish candidate,” Kligfeld said. ‘Proud’ Jewish identity For several decades Jews have voted overwhelmingly Democratic.More than two-thirds of American Jews oppose Trump, despite his proclamations that he is Israel’s most ardent defender, according to pollster Gallup.But only 11 percent of Jewish voters support Sanders for president, while eight percent back Bloomberg, Pew Research Center polling from January shows.Kligfeld noted how much less of a focus their faith is compared to 20 years ago, when Democratic moderate Joe Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, was the vice presidential nominee.Al Gore’s running mate stirred a spirited debate about Judaism and the White House, notably about how Lieberman could serve as vice president if he observed the Sabbath rule barring work from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.That Sanders and Bloomberg are less observant than Lieberman may have assuaged similar concerns.With Trump accused of stoking flames of a culture war, and amid a wave of anti-Semitic violence and other hatred, the success of Sanders and Bloomberg is notable.”It’s definitely significant (that) two very different politicians but both of Jewish heritage and proud of their Jewish identity can be in such a prominent national political position,” said Logan Bayroff, director of communications for J Street.The progressive pro-Israel group does not endorse candidates but has said it will support the Democratic nominee against Trump. Many policies of Sanders and other Democratic candidates “line up with our views and the views of the majority of American Jews,” Bayroff said.In his first presidential campaign, in 2016, Sanders largely avoided discussing his Jewishness.He has been more open about his identity this cycle. In December he used a blowtorch to light a Hanukkah menorah in Iowa, where he recalled how his father emigrated from Poland to flee anti-Semitic attacks.In November he wrote an essay in Jewish Currents magazine in which he said several relatives were “murdered by the Nazis.”Topics : And yet the fact that two Jews are in prominent positions in the 2020 race — 16 months after a white nationalist murdered 11 worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue — has been met with muted celebration within the Jewish community, and a sense of detachment among the broader public, observed Rabbi Adam Kligfeld.”It’s amazing, stunning, surprising and odd how little is being made of that data point,” Kligfeld, senior rabbi at Temple Beth Am in Los Angeles, told AFP.”Maybe that’s a good sign.”The two are also drawing concerns. Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist, while Bloomberg is a multi-billionaire accused of buying his way into the presidential race.last_img read more

US announces $8bn coronavirus funding, testing underway on cruise ship

first_imgUS lawmakers passed an emergency $8.3 billion spending bill to combat the coronavirus Thursday as health workers boarded a cruise ship held off the coast of San Francisco to test sick passengers and crew.The Senate gave sweeping bipartisan support to the funding a day after the House passed the bill, so that it could be quickly sent to the White House for President Donald Trump’s signature.”The American people are looking for leadership, they want assurance their government is up to the task of protecting the health and safety,” said Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy. One of the passengers contacted by AFP said there was no panic on board and people seemed to be taking the setback in stride.”I can’t get over how the news is sensationalizing our ship,” said Carolyn Wright, 63, a professional photographer from New Mexico. “There were two cases on the previous cruise and they act like everybody on board has the plague.”She said passengers were told around midday on Thursday to remain in their cabins and that test results would be released early Friday.The Grand Princess belongs to Princess Cruises, the same company which operated the Diamond Princess — the coronavirus-stricken ship held off Japan last month from which more than 700 people tested positive and six died. School closures and teleworkingOn Thursday, Washington state officials announced a jump in cases, from 39 to more than 70. Eleven of the 12 deaths have been reported there, with the other in California.Tech firms in Seattle like Amazon, Facebook and Google were telling employees to work remotely, as was Microsoft in nearby Richmond.Some schools in the state have also decided to close for a couple weeks and hold classes online.Vice President Mike Pence, the White House pointman on the crisis, was due to visit the state.US officials continue to stress that the overall risk to the public remains low and are urging people not to panic or buy masks — which could create a shortage for those who require them.The scientific data so far shows that elderly people and those with underlying conditions are most at risk of serious illness and the majority of deaths have occurred in a Seattle-area nursing home. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has surged, particularly in northwest Washington state where another person succumbed to the illness, bringing the US death toll to 12. There have been more than 180 confirmed cases nationwide, according to an AFP tally.Health workers meanwhile began testing 35 or so people on board the Grand Princess cruise ship who have shown flu-like symptoms, after one 71-year-old man who was on a previous voyage died from the virus.There are nearly 3,500 passengers and crew on the vessel, which cut short its voyage back from Hawaii after the passengers began to fall ill.Though not everyone was being tested, they will be isolated once the ship is finally allowed to dock, an official said.center_img Nurses union slams preparation But the largest nursing union in the US denounced Thursday the “disturbing” lack of preparation at many hospitals.Nurses are working without necessary personal protective equipment and lack education and training for handling the disease, said National Nurses United director Bonnie Castillo.”It is not a successful strategy to leave nurses and other health workers unprotected,” she said.Earlier, a top health official said the overall mortality rate for the novel coronavirus was lower than previously thought.”The best estimates now of the overall mortality rate for COVID-19 is somewhere between 0.1 percent and one percent,” Admiral Brett Giroir, the assistant secretary of health said at a news briefing.He explained the new figure, far lower than previous estimates of 2 to 5 percent, by saying that there had been a significant underreporting of cases. Topics :last_img read more

Death toll in latest rabies outbreak in West Nusa Tenggara rises to 15

first_img“She never received the rabies vaccine after the incident,” Mujahiddin said.Dompu Health Agency head Iris Juwita Kartianti confirmed to The Jakarta Post that, up until March 8, at least 2,097 people in the regency had reported being bitten by dogs since the rabies outbreak began last year.However, she said most of the cases had been handled properly with fast response and immediate vaccination.The health agency also vowed to enhance its capacity in handling rabies in Dompu by providing more rabies vaccines and serums licensed by the Health Ministry at health facilities across the regency.”Local officials have formed rabies mitigation teams that will be placed at districts and villages,” Iris said, adding that the Dompu General Hospital had prepared isolation rooms to treat rabies patients.The regencies of Dompu and Sumbawa declared emergency status for rabies in February last year following an outbreak of the disease via dog bites, followed by Bima regency, which declared the emergency status in June.West Nusa Tenggara Health Agency head Nurhandini Eka Dewi said on Monday that the emergency status for rabies in Sumbawa, Dompu and Bima was still in place. “The status will remain in place as long as there are cases of dog bites. It will only be lifted if there is no report of dog bites within two years,” she said in the provincial capital of Mataram.Although no dog bites had been reported in Sumbawa over the past two months, Nurhandini said rabies remained a threats in the province, since the stray dog population was still high. “For cases of rabies in humans, we can directly inject rabies vaccines or serums. However, it’s different in the case of stray dogs with rabies. It is much more complicated, as there are many of them,” she said.She added that the administrations of Bima and Dompu had formed teams to reduce the number of stray dogs but that was an ongoing struggle as the dogs were moving around the cities.Rabies infection was hard to detect as clinical symptoms may appear only months or even two years after a person was bitten by a dog, cat, monkey or other animal carrying rabies, she said. After the entry of the virus through an animal bite, the virus travels in the blood circulation along the nerves to the spinal cord. With no immediate treatment, the virus could end up at the brain and at this point, it would be deadly.”Once [the virus] attacks the brain, respiratory organ disorders will follow. That’s why there should be immediate action after an animal bite,” she said.Furthermore, the health agency vowed to keep spreading information on first-aid to treat wounds after being bitten by an animal, which would decrease the risk of rabies infection. “Right after we are bitten, we have to wash our hands with flowing water and soap for 15 minutes. After that, 80 percent of the virus will be gone and the rest can be taken care of by medical treatment,” she said. (trn)Topics : The head of the Dompu Animal Husbandry and Health Agency’s Animal and Veterinary Health Department, Mujahidin, said the woman had been admitted to the hospital at 6 p.m. on March 4. He said the victim had suffered from disorientation with symptoms of excessive salivation, breathlessness, excessive sweating and extreme pain all over the body.She also showed tell-tale signs of rabies, such as hydrophobia, photophobia and anemophobia.According to the record, the woman was bitten by a stray dog in the thigh as she was clearing a plot of land for corn crops in October last year.  Rabies has killed at least 15 people in West Nusa Tenggara’s Dompu regency to date with more than 2,000 dog bites reported since the outbreak of the animal-transmitted disease began in the province last year.A 46-year-old resident of Riwo village in the regency’s Woja district became the latest fatality after she died while receiving treatment at Dompu General Hospital on March 5. last_img read more