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first_imgTags:Yvette Cooper /David Lammy /Labour /Andrew Marr /Keir Starmer /Jenny Chapman /Brexit /Pienaar’s politics /Sunday shows / #Brexit: “Parliament is going to try and take control of the process” says Labour’s Shadow Brexit Sec Keir Starmer https://t.co/E0eKrEmh73 #Marr pic.twitter.com/ikzgB6htBU— BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) January 20, 2019Hilary Benn, Labour MP for Leeds Central and Brexit select committee chair:On reports that in his office on Monday “backbench plotters” will meet to give control of the Brexit process to the Commons: “MPs doing their job are not plotters, they are trying to sort out the mess the Prime Minister has created. We are facing a national crisis and there are many MPs in the House of Commons whose first priority is to ensure that we do not leave without a deal. And therefore finding ways when we come to table amendments this week and debate on the 29th January how we stop that.”On accusations that Commons officials have acted with bias: “To attack House of Commons clerks and suggest they’re part of a conspiracy is a disgrace. Our clerks are resolutely impartial.”On breaking the deadlock: “I think we have to compromise because parliament is deadlocked and the Prime Minister can’t get around that.”On indicative votes: “I’m in favour of parliament voting on a series of options to see if there’s one that can command majority support.” Can MPs agree on #Brexit?#Marr talks to Conservative MPs Dominic Raab and Anna Soubry as well as Labour’s Hilary Bennhttps://t.co/E0eKrEmh73 pic.twitter.com/IfLvLNaxcC— BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) January 20, 2019Ridge on SundayDavid Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham:On securing a Brexit deal: “I would prefer a soft Brexit, somewhere like Norway, to Theresa May’s botched deal… I could only vote for it on the basis that there was a final say referendum.”On Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit position: “He’s moving the goalposts and I’ve been very clear on that… It seems to me there is no point in continuing with votes of no confidence, throwing darts and missing the board… I think that Jeremy has been hedging.”On a Labour split: “There is a small group in our party who are so frustrated, who have so much grievance, the fear is that they are going to go off and form another party.  I personally reject that but the danger is, just like 1983, a new party built around basically a relationship with Europe keeps the Labour Party out of power for a generation.” ‘The British people have got to have a final say and resolve is. You cannot argue you undermine democracy with more democracy’ says David Lammy MP #RidgeFollow live reaction here: https://t.co/j92S06bjAr pic.twitter.com/ncDSJD9qbH— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) January 20, 2019Pienaar’s PoliticsAndrew Gwynne, Labour MP for Denton and Reddish and Shadow Local Government Secretary:On Labour talks with May: “In terms of opening the door to meaningful negotiations with us, all she’s got to do is give us a verbal commitment that she will do everything possible to prevent a no deal.”Caroline Flint, Labour MP for Don Valley:On the way forward for Brexit: “Get ‘no deal’ off the table, but get Remain off the table as well, so we can focus on what needs to be done. There’s too much shenanigans, too much process, not enough substance going on amongst politicians.”Westminster HourYvette Cooper, Labour MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford, who has a new bill and an amendment (with Nick Boles) to take ‘no deal’ off the table:On her bill to allow parliament to demand an extension of Article 50: “If we’re still in this paralysis by the end of February, we just have to be sensible and recognise that we may need more time… The plan is to put forward a simple amendment to the Prime Minister’s Plan B motion that there was parliamentary time for [the bill].”On the length of Article 50 extension: “It proposes an extension until the end of the year, but that’s amendable.”On support for her bill: “I’ve talked to the [Labour] frontbench… My understanding is that there are government ministers who also want this bill to pull through.”Jenny Chapman, Labour MP for Darlington and shadow Brexit minister:On Labour supporting Cooper’s bill: “That’s a decision for Nick Brown and the shadow cabinet… I think there will be widespread for this in parliament.” The Andrew Marr ShowKeir Starmer expressed many of the same views set out in his Fabians conference speech on Saturday, including that delaying Brexit by extending Article 50 is now inevitable and that Labour’s policy is in its ‘third phase’. He also conceded that any Brexit deal at this stage would “probably” require a backstop.On Theresa May’s deal: “I have said for two years we will faithfully look at any deal that is brought back, which is what we did on Tuesday.”On compromise and cross-party talks: “If she… said, my red lines have gone, I’m not going to hold a gun to your heads about no deal, that would shift the position incredibly.”On the backstop: “At this stage any deal probably does require a backstop, and we’ve got to recognise that… There are problems with this backstop and we have got to recognise that. But because we are in this stage of the exercise, nearly two years in, the chances now of a deal that doesn’t have a backstop are very, very slim.”On extending Article 50: “It’s extremely difficult to see how the Prime Minister can achieve what needs to be achieved in 68 days and therefore I think it is inevitable Article 50 is going to be extended. And the blame with that lies with the Prime Minister.”last_img read more

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first_imgANOTHER week, another win… it’s getting routine for the temporary coaching duo of Mike Rush and Keiron Cunningham!After the 28-16 victory over Warrington in their own barn the whole squad once again took the plaudits from the backroom staff.Rush in particular paid tribute to the senior players and the massive defensive effort in the second half.“We dug in deep when we needed to in the second half,” the Acting Head Coach said. “There were a number of sets where we needed to put our shoulders in, be patient and wait our turn.“We played very well in the opening 20 minutes and I thought we were unlucky not to get another try. There were a couple of close calls where we pushed the pass a little, but it’s hard to be critical when you are asking them to push the ball and take chances.“We knew Warrington would come back and it’s how you weather that storm… and that’s what we did. I learnt that early in my coaching career – the game will swing… you’ll get your chance and then they will get theirs’. It’s how you cope with that.“Our pack was dominant though and you can tell we have KC on the coaching staff. That’s how he played and the forwards are reaping the benefits.”Paul Wellens grabbed two tries in the match and Rush was keen to point out his captain’s endeavours.“I don’t think Wello’s performance has ever been in doubt, other people make suggestions to his age but in the last two games he has been our best player. Jon Wilkin was excellent last week and was the same today. He played for 80 minutes, kicked, tackled and is an international player.“Josh Jones acquitted himself well too. He probably knew he was getting a game about two hours or less before kick-off and I doubt his parents were even at the game because they wouldn’t have known he was playing.“I’ve known him since he was 13 and he did exactly what he does week in week out in the Academy.”He continued: “Once again though it’s important we keep the players’ feet on the ground and begin preparing for Friday’s game. We’ll give them a couple of days off to recover, then it’s games on Friday and Monday. We will monitor the lads and get them through as best as we can.”last_img read more