The fine weather in our city will last till next month

these days, my sunshine, the highest temperature is maintained at 10 DEG C. The reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the next three days, the city will still be good weather for public travel tachun.

it is understood that, recently, the southern area of Jiangsu Province with snow "visit", Yushu and Guoluo gander showed a small amount of snow, have good weather in other regions of the province, with sunny or cloudy days are. The next three days, in most parts of the province, God still has a good face, continued sunny or cloudy weather, during which the highest temperature will also have a significant rebound around. Xining in the next three days, the weather was good, 27, I, the minimum temperature of minus 6 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 13 degrees; 28, is expected to appear cloudy, the minimum temperature of minus 5 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 8 degrees; the night of 28 to March 1st, there will be snow in the southern area of Jiangsu Province, Yushu, Guoluo, southern Huangnan and other places will have a dispersion of snow, the rest of the province cloudy. March 1st Xining, the lowest temperature is expected to be 7 degrees below zero, the maximum temperature of 1 degrees C. (reporter bit) read more

Xining economic and Technological Development Zone this year to build 130 key industrial projects

Project construction is the park gathering industry, bigger and stronger. This year, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to determine the new park construction, renovation (expansion), key industrial projects 130, plans to invest 32 billion 500 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20%.

Xining plastic limit remediation fruitful white pollution has improved

days ago, Xining city of industry and Commerce on mine water non degradable ultra-thin plastic bags on the area of the market carried out special rectification, law enforcement officers dispatched 56 passengers, check the commodity retailing places 91, check 213 households, the collection of ultra-thin plastic bags 2893, Xining wells Lane area of "white pollution" has better.


network responsible for the use of ultra-thin plastic bags and disposable tableware enterprises and individual owners to conduct a comprehensive inspection, first-hand information, timely feedback; to the majority of business owners to carry out propaganda of the laws and regulations, harmfulness to explain the use of ultra-thin plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware, educate and guide the majority of owners and consumers to maintain environmental sanitation, civilized business, civilized people. read more

Xining City Court report telephone and e mail announcement

recently, the Supreme People’s Court issued the "Five Prohibitions" and "on the violation of the" Five Prohibitions "provisions of the handling. The "Five Prohibitions" provisions: non parties to accept the case and related personnel dinners; non violation of the provisions of improper contact with a lawyer; prohibit others to handle the case in question; favoritism is strictly prohibited in the entrusted appraisal, auction and other activities; non disclosure of secret trial work. The personnel of a people’s court for violation of the above provisions, in accordance with the law to pursue disciplinary responsibility and criminal responsibility. In the trial, the implementation of the work, shall be removed from the trial, the implementation of post. In order to consciously accept the supervision of the community and the masses, the city’s courts are now reporting telephone and e-mail announcements are as follows: read more

Three Wanqianbaishiyi lift a climax City

"Wanqianbaishiyi"? Don’t think it’s just a bunch of simple numbers. As a new measure of city area this year to create a national civilized city, "Wanqianbaishiyi" project will be key to build a city highlights and features create city work.

  to further the formation of civilization in central central civilization for everyone involved, everyone benefits "to tackle a city atmosphere, Chengzhong district recently launched the three" Wanqianbaishiyi "project to promote a city. The three "Wanqianbaishiyi" project are: create an atmosphere of "Wanqianbaishiyi" project: a city issued million copies of brochures to the citizens of the area, a city of thousands of questionnaires, to create hundreds of citizens’ moral lecture, held in ten a city of theatrical performances, a "moving central, common things" selection activity. A city "Wanqianbaishiyi adults" project: thousands of people involved in a city, the selection of thousands of civilized people, each community organization of hundreds of volunteers, the selection of ten moral model and carry out to the side of an advanced character of learning activities. A young city "Wanqianbaishiyi" project that launched the million teenagers within the jurisdiction of a city to participate in work, the selection of thousands of young people, civilization hundreds of outstanding young volunteers, ten virtues of youth and carry out activities in reading a good book. At the same time, the district will also carry out "the good people around me", "my side of the beautiful campus", "civilized streets" and "harmonious community" selection activities, guide and urge all Street Town, district community, civilized units to carry out various forms, distinctive civilization. A city of central fine judged not to engage in the work of each field "to what extent, what effect, what time to complete, complete, how to finish what you do, there must be a clear statement, in order to promote tangible measures to hit the city on the implementation of the work." In order to effectively hit the city work in the end, caught in place, this year, the city will increase the supervision and assessment, monthly or timely hold a city hit fine analysis judged. According to reports, the city will set up a special steering group, by the district leadership as the work of the special inspection team, in-depth line, grassroots, inspection and supervision, to solve the problem, find a weak link in the city. According to the problems of a city stage work, found in the inspection, held a city tackle fine analysis will be judged on specific measures, focused on solving a city between the city and work together to form between district units and street units, to promote the work. At the same time, the city will also strengthen the creation of the city target assessment, not only will the city into the city’s goal of the overall assessment of the various departments of the region, but also an appropriate increase in the proportion of the goal of creating a city. Not afraid Jieduan everyone is a city supervisor "dare Jieduan ugly", not afraid jieduan. Urban areas to create a city as a popular work and practical projects, will; read more

Tax authorities to explain the disabled employment security fund calls for the care of the disabled

Qinghai news network enterprises and various economic organizations to pay employment security benefits for people with disabilities, care is an important part of the disabled. Recently, the city of Golmud to reflect to the newspaper, saying that they have to pay 200 yuan this year, people with disabilities, there is no basis for the money, do not know the money should not be paid.

employment security for the disabled by the tax department on behalf of. Reporters at the Golmud Municipal State Taxation Bureau learned that, according to the Provincial Department of finance, development and Reform Commission on the implementation of "notice" matters related to provincial government decree 51, the levy collection the IRS and the disabled service organizations of the disabled employment security fund, paid into the local financial accounts of disabled security payments, not according to the provisions of payment guarantee the unit, the tax department will not be examined. In the west coast area for the collection of the tax department for tax registration of all enterprises and institutions and various economic organizations and individual industrial and commercial households. Payment of the amount of calculation formula is: enterprises and other economic organizations (unit: the end of the first half of the total number of employees × 1.5%- units have been disabled workers number) × (published by the statistical department) on the annual average wage of workers; on individual industrial and commercial households annual turnover of 2 per thousand. Collection and payment of the security of the unified use of the Qinghai Provincial Department of Finance issued the "Qinghai employment security for disabled persons special notes" machine to fight the bill, and affixed to the disabled labor service institutions seal. read more

The province’s first unmanned aerial technology to monitor the plateau wetland

province forestry investigation and Planning Institute recently in Zeku plateau wetland survey, the first trial type, UAV technology on the plateau wetland area, distribution and settlement of herdsmen made a preliminary investigation, and achieved good results.

UAV has the characteristics of low cost, high attendance, high resolution, easy to carry and so on. With the continuous development of UAV technology, more and more widely in the field of forestry industry, especially has broad prospects in the investigation of forest resources, forestry ecological monitoring, desertification and desertification monitoring, wetland survey, forest fire monitoring, dynamic monitoring of forestry resources will become effective and necessary tools. read more

Xining 1 8 months to complete the investment 12 billion 850 million yuan

1-8 months, the city’s investment work smoothly

18 months, the city’s investment work smoothly. By the end of August, the city’s total to 270 projects, to achieve 12 billion 850 million yuan of funds in place, the completion of the annual target task of 17 billion 500 million yuan 73.4%; foreign capital in place of 6 billion 690 million yuan, completed 8 billion 800 million of the annual target task 73.7%. In the implementation of the project, the new project 111, 4 billion 90 million yuan of funds in place, accounting for the actual completion of 32.2% of the funds in place; 159 construction projects, 8 billion 760 million yuan of funds in place, accounting for the actual completion of 68.2% of the funds in place. 111 new projects, 23 industrial projects, 1 billion 310 million yuan of funds in place; agricultural projects 12, 580 million yuan of funds; real estate projects 21, 1 billion 30 million yuan of funds in place; commercial projects 27, 660 million yuan of funds; 18 infrastructure projects, 280 million yuan of funds; 10 tourism projects, 220 million yuan of funds in place. The construction of 159 projects, 30 industrial projects, 2 billion 150 million yuan of funds in place; agricultural projects 9, 140 million yuan of funds; real estate projects 78, 4 billion 950 million yuan of funds in place; commercial projects 23, 1 billion 160 million yuan of funds; 4 infrastructure projects, 150 million yuan of funds; 15 tourism projects, 220 million yuan of funds in place. read more

The province’s first flower style song and dance poetry the white peony of the elder brother premie

stars shine, dance. The evening of July 9th, the province’s first flower style song and dance poetry, "the age of the white peony" staged in Qinghai grand theatre. This is a new program by the provincial performing arts group in 2016 to create a new focus is the first silk road in Qinghai flower festival in an innovative way of interpretation of the art of flowers. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing, vice chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and the audience together to watch the performance of the joint interest in the performance of Bao Yizhi. read more

Test the implementation of the new regulations there are 15 major changes in our province should not

Xining Internet self help start

Qinghai news network since April 1st, on the modification of < motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for and use of the provisions of the > decision (Ministry of public security Decree No. 139th), the official implementation. Yesterday, the Provincial Traffic Police Corps department responsible for the interpretation of the authority of the 15 key rules in the driving test.

key one: independent candidates to

in December 31st this year, our province city vehicle will be fully opened Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Internet service platform"), through this platform, the driver’s online registration, online payment, online examination about. At present, the Xining City Administration of vehicle has opened online self enrollment system, the public can make an appointment online. read more