2014 ushered in mobile electricity supplier battle Alibaba incoming

Wang Kexin technology Tencent March 3rd news

this year, the Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun (micro-blog) group ALL (IN orders to enter the mobile electricity supplier).

Ma Yun in February 28th, said in an internal e-mail, mobile providers will be the most important areas of the mobile Internet era, the 2014 is cloud + end, Alibaba ALL IN mobile providers. Alibaba must move with hundreds of millions of users to DT (data technology), driven by the end of the cloud, cloud rich side, the construction of mobile e-commerce ecosystem. read more

Tmall responded 11 double fake zero tolerance for fake frozen shop


technology news December 11th afternoon message, according to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce today exposure Tmall Shop No. 1 double eleven selling fake issue, micro-blog released this afternoon Tmall official responded that the fake "zero tolerance", has been under the frame of 3 pieces and 1 pieces of goods involving fake substandard goods, and freeze involving fake shops. The question, will be closed shop, shop to return.

today announced that the official website of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, "double eleven" this year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce interviewed 10 well-known third party network trading platform, and fully affirmed the network trading platform to a positive role in promoting the development of the network economy, also points out some serious problems of illegal operation, to remind the owner of the platform to fulfill the statutory obligations of self-examination, correction, express regulatory authorities will take follow-up measures. read more

Alibaba planning cornucopia project shock far more than the balance of treasure

Ali finance is plotting rural encircling the city plan. According to the plan, Ali cloud and Alipay is preparing for the output of domestic regional joint cloud computing service bank ability, the project internal Ali codenamed "cornucopia".

is reported that Ali move in order to make the majority of domestic small financial institutions cardholders can enjoy safe and convenient Internet banking services, and thus boost rural e-commerce". The vast number of users in rural areas such as the payment of the financial channel Pandora box once opened, the space for its business growth is very large, the significance of the financial Ali can be imagined. read more

Talk about making money online scam

many novice friends just begin to contact Wangzhuan, do most of the things is to the network to collect all kinds of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial, and this process, we often see such as "network type like part-time recruitment advertising" these ads content quite attractive, basically is to say a few hours work every day, day to earn hundreds of hundreds or even more exaggerated. So, in the face of such an attractive advertising, you look after is not very heart? Heart, I would like to face the novice speaking, yes, but after the heartbeat?. In fact, the so-called network typing to make money, most of which are a scam, are false. read more

A wave of cross border electricity beating the drums of what they want to spring

March 7th news, after entering in March, a big wave of cross-border electricity supplier has entered the spring big promotion model. Compared to last year the focus on maternal and child category play the "price war" of the event, this year’s spring promotion slightly low, but also no surprise. On the one hand, in addition to baby, beauty category has become a platform for a number of competition area, on the other hand, affected by the recent cross-border deal forthcoming news, the big promotion seems to be important to clear the bonded warehouse. read more

Buy into three into life and death proposition ten strong gap widened to 280 million

actually in March to pick up the turnover of the industry is limited to the top ten. Independent group purchase navigation site 800 data show that in March this year, group purchase sales of 1 billion 730 million yuan, an increase of 236.2%, the top three group purchase website with sales of more than $250 million, three of the total turnover accounted for the overall size of the top ten market share of 49%, accounting for about 90%. Analysts believe that Matthew effect has appeared in the top ten sites, the end of the first line of the site or buy only 3. read more

Upgrade the way cattle sale strategy to make tourism industry vip com

[Abstract] the way cattle sale channel trial operation in two months, a daily average of 20 on-line poop, May booking number mom in April rose nearly 20 times.

Since April 10th,

sale channel line online, the way cattle do travel sale ideas gradually clear. In June 9th, tuniu convened 200 around Nanjing tourism suppliers, preaching the new on-line sale platform. In the process, the way cattle on the concept of tourism vip.com "to the outside world on sale business. COO Yan Haifeng said the sale will tuniu is an important future strategy, at the same time, the way cattle in the mobile app has been fully to the sale of products tilt. read more

The electronic commerce ushered in the golden age to feature win together Amoy

Premier Wen Jiabao during the two sessions of the country made in 2010, the government work report, to strengthen the trade circulation system and other infrastructure, and actively develop the concept of e-commerce. The report also stressed the need to vigorously develop the e-commerce industry.

online shopping group in 2009 the number of online shopping users reached 180 million people, an annual growth rate of 45%. Coupled with government support to increase. The combination of internal and external, we can say without exaggeration: the golden age of e-commerce development has arrived. read more

A traditional enterprises human blood experience

why traditional enterprises to enter the electricity supplier


is generally divided into two kinds: one is the boss is too powerful, and his strategic vision is good, very early start layout; one is forced, no way, the inventory is too large, on the.

Tonlion is the second, under the pressure of a lot of inventory, warehouse cargo lot, holding the idea of Taobao as a sewer. The boss required is not high, ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan more than ten million yuan every day is good.

  read more

Make money easily and more out of the ordinary and advertisement

and advertisement is true? Now we are very familiar with the ways of making money online, according to different requirements to obtain Wangzhuan are also easily, the more important point is to participate in the project can be obtained easily and efficiency. The power of the Internet is difficult to imagine, so in the case of homes are able to make money, at least one point is in the more free and more choice, as long as the tasks are not money, Erdos and Shun advertising company is a new generation of integrated media services company. And the advertisement to the people’s livelihood for business purposes It’s perfection itself., shoulder, provide a steady high level of advertising planning and communication management to businesses, develop new Wangzhuan project, but also give the users more money for project selection. read more