Snack electricity providers three squirrels were Rui capital investment of 300 million

[Abstract] this is the three round of this round of D round of financing, which had been financing from the capital and IDG $120 million.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on September 16th

FREES FUND (peak Swiss capital) founder Li Feng today confirmed to the science and technology of Tencent, three electricity providers have completed a new round of financing electricity supplier, the total amount of up to $300 million, the fund for investors FREES FUND (peak Swiss capital).

peak Swiss fund is a new fund recently established, led by Li feng. Peak Swiss fund currently has 1 main funds and 3 special funds, the fund has a $150 million fund and a $1 billion fund. read more

We again financing 100 million dollar hit a turnaround brewing

November 1st, a third party supplier where the customer has not got the payment of August. Half a month ago, where the message told him that the money will be closed before the end of October, that time is where the most serious crisis, most outside attention time.

it is hard to say, where exactly what the reason is because come to this point today.

A former employee of

where the customer said, Chen said the layoffs are not 20%, but 50% or so. This 50% includes the direct cut, the merger of the Department, as well as due to the move of the company caused by the active resignation of employees. Of course, go to work too far, the new office is too broken, as well as the bus began to charge, there is no place to eat, etc., but also the reasons for employee turnover. read more

Electricity supplier duopoly war eleven Jingdong play Psyche

eleven is Tmall double singles years pushing the promotion day, due to the dual eleven users know, netizens concept in the heart has become the supplier of promotional Festival, all platforms have double bonus of eleven. In the minds of Internet users are no longer the double eleven and Tmall binding, each business platform Gexianshentong, electricity resources war climax. After years of accumulation and competition, Jingdong, Tmall has become a duopoly business platform in the industry level of most concern, the double eleven is two more layout in the flow, logistics, marketing, creative technology, even for one month in advance. read more

2013 department store home consumption and the transformation of the electricity supplier dispute ev

today is the sixth day of the lunar new year, believe to go to department store is still a lot of people. During the Spring Festival, I visited Qingdao several department stores, department stores to shopping or more special, what to buy goods are lined up, and in the new year period, the electricity supplier and quietly go to behind the scenes, playing the "is the beginning of the seven month business" sign. For department stores, it is nothing more than a holiday when the new year to make money, weekdays sales are not easy to say. read more

Not spending money on that group purchase website tries to push a full refund

picture for the picture

industry: not consumption ratio was exaggerated four times

recently, domestic group purchase group purchase website traced to 40% users for a variety of reasons ", but did not pay for consumption" group purchase website without a refund, the "expired" group purchase group purchase website become universal money "unspoken rule", but the truth is? Survey data show that users "not far from the proportion of consumption" so exaggerated, but has warned group purchase website to carry out "early warning" business adjustment. read more

How to identify the credibility of online advertising alliance

Now many of the union are liars, but I have to see several people at the union, then found that many people call the whole alliance website is done very simple, and can not see from A to Z which company is established, and some even did not dare to leave a phone number and address a. This alliance, it is easy to make people afraid. How to look on the surface is not a good reputation of the network advertising alliance?

1, online advertising alliance official website to have detailed company profile. Be sure to bring the company business license, or not good is a bag company, ran no place to find someone to ask for money. read more

Ask electricity supplier price war is day or

price war can be said to be now the business enterprise through market channels, attract users attention to the most direct method is the most efficient, as the year of the Jingdong, is relying on low-cost and regular price to occupy a space for one person in the Chinese massacre, the electricity supplier industry. It can be said that the success of Jingdong is a successful example of price war in china. With the Jingdong model mature, many well-known domestic enterprises have begun to follow, whether it is the traditional channels of Shang Suning, the United States still, all the bright younger generation Newegg easion, seems to be the price war as a necessary tool to enter the market, seemingly the only way to show their own electricity supplier label. However, at that time the price war is just the rise of the effect is really good, take the time and the price of Suning Jingdong PK, then directly caused a degree of concern to the business of buying boom, when the two eleven promotions. But since then the price war gold is not as good as once, not only played a word game, there is no way to control the quality, the problem is one after another. Facing the market heat as a business enterprise, they do not seem to care, but follow the prescribed order of price war, whether it is their own funds or not, or the market reaction, the price war seems to be a must fight a battle, but the electricity supplier price war must be really necessary? read more

Brief analysis on how to do well the network marketing of enterprise product station

              with the rapid growth of Internet users, the commercial value of the Internet continues to highlight. The popularity of the Internet, the traditional industry has brought a new wave, the industry will be adjusted to the direction of the Internet, trying to combine the traditional and the network market, to maximize the benefits. I believe that many companies have established their own websites, but also upload the product, but this is only the basis, as the product made out, no one knows, can only be placed there. There may be some companies have started to do product network promotion, but there are still a large part of the enterprise did not attach importance to. Now, let Qian Qian to talk about enterprise products station network marketing should pay attention to some of the. read more

Et Ruyi circle CPM advertising line welcomed the launch

announcement content:

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for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic! read more

Fast runner efficient distribution system

run a short distance distribution system, a wide range of services to businesses, takeaway delivery team, run errands team, which mainly includes the distribution of area distribution, the administrator backstage staff client, the business client three modules. Run aims to realize informatization of logistics distribution process short, seamless connection through the Internet distribution team, merchants and delivery staff, reduce the cost of the interaction in the process of delivery, saving in orders, and recorded a single with a single, clearing operation in wasted time, in order to achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of distribution. read more