A man is not selling socks socks every guest but authentic services

with the continuous development of the Internet, more and more people began to explore the business opportunities. The line can sell socks? Although early cotton has been closed down, but this does not mean that online selling socks is not feasible. Men socks is an example.

IT Indoorsman Chen Bole founded the "man socks", began his love go out, buy a pair of socks to worry about small problems. This is a website for male consumers tailored, it can set the socks as booking a magazine like a single year, socks will batch sent to the home, the delivery cycle completely by the consumers themselves on the site were checked to determine.

2010 November 8th, men’s socks formally launched. Men socks start is very simple, Chen Bole built their own website and back-end system, and love to do with the operation. As a new model, his initial approach is to follow the example of BlackSocks , his own website as a platform, looking for socks brand business cooperation. Two months later, he found that his positioning is not a high-end products, but the popularity of ordinary socks, profit margins are quite limited, at the same time, the brand’s products can not be based on

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