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is the island of Taiwan to gather treasure China culture, the Communist Party after the ruling Kuomintang took a lot of China treasures to Taiwan to take root, which is why we call for the reason of Taiwan island. Years of development also makes Taiwan food culture formed a mainstream model. UCC coffee food Co., China’s absorption Island decades of coffee culture, coffee making comprehensive adjustment of Oriental cooking, since 1997 was established in China since, in the mainland only a vertical business model, in just a few years, the rapid development and expansion.

island coffee brand has been popular, join the elite from all walks of life on the island, has become the trend of the times. UCC coffee company in sustainable management, adhere to the road of collectivization development, promote the spirit of people-oriented, pay attention to the cultivation of talents, uphold the business philosophy of excellence, forge ahead, and gradually formed a highly efficient, business skilled professional team.

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, the rapid growth of UCC, each absorbed a number of a person with breadth of vision. Yesterday, we just developed nearly eight hundred franchise stores and create a coffee beverage market growth miracle. Today, we invite you to join the winning team, to promote the domestic development of coffee culture, bring people a better level of cultural life, improve the humanistic quality and the quality of life, work together to create brilliant tomorrow! "UCC coffee originating from, fragrant smell, the world", is your ideal choice.

island coffee comes from the island, mainly engaged in production and operation, type of coffee products today, experience and strength has accumulated forty years, with its unique taste of the baking technology thoroughly tempered, aromatic alcohol for a long time, known outside the island. In 1997 May, shangdaogafei group in the mainland market, the mainland to promote the coffee culture to have any force for promoting the economic development, the franchise industry has achieved great development. At present, UCC coffee stores throughout the country large and medium-sized city, home to more than 1 thousand people, seven male branch according to the north and south, coordinate with each other, UBC Coffee Chain Management Company Limited based in Puxi area, radiation, etc., to provide a full range of services for the owners to join, make coffee with popular brands, to join the elite from all walks of life UCC, has become the trend of the times.

is currently in Puxi has grown to more than 90 stores, the company outlets, a total of more than and 200 stores. UCC coffee company in Yong Ji operating, adhere to the road of collectivization development, provide the people-oriented spirit, paying attention to the training of talents, uphold the business philosophy of excellence, forge ahead, and gradually formed a high efficient business, skilled professional team, a set of scientific and standardization, and the mode of franchise the "chain model", and is ready to the international standard. To first-class service, noble occupation morality to meet the needs of the consumers and the owners to join, create brilliant tomorrow shangdaogafei.


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