85 degrees tea join fee is how much

as a tea shop casual is a kind of experience? I want to be happy, is warm, is happy to enjoy the beautiful life. Many franchisees are not enough to sell hot headache products, not enough money. So business confidence fell, leading to a series of chain effects in the future. Natural management will be depressed, the exclusion of objective reasons, as long as you are willing to do the business in your hands, you will be able to succeed. 85 degrees tea is such a can help you eliminate the objective factors of the franchise brand.

as a tea brand to join the 85 degree tea, in color, the overall shape of the customer to give the most perfect visual experience. The selection of raw material, heat of the master, the degree of taste, more is better, each kind of taste to perfection, whether the various ingredients selection or cooking techniques and so on, a little bit of careful sanding, polishing the delicious to the extreme. So demanding process, naturally created the quality of tea quality. Condensed milk tea series, series, Fresh Ground Coffee series, cool fruit drink series and more than 100 kinds of products launched, is more profound and greatly enriched the 85 degree tea tea.

then, a tall on the tea shop decoration is an important guarantee for a tea shop business bursting. A cup of tea and a pure taste of good quality glass, all, not the tea shop in addition to the design of the cup, packing bags, billboards, posters, staff service is part of a tea shop design, to ensure the visual consistency, validity, differences, aesthetic.

and the overall style of 85 degree tea shop after the modern, the red and black color, very historical continuity of the red brick wall mosaic industrial walls to subvert the traditional fengshui, logical thinking, the pursuit of the most innovative visual experience. The bar and tables and chairs using charcoal wood flooring, wood texture dense natural pure breath, soften the cement wall of the chill, showing the whole style of wind.

In addition to

, a good marketing system also allows you to get twice the result with half the effort. In many people’s minds, a tea shop daily work is nothing more than a single point, and wait for the customer to do tea, money, to the goods, what seems to be no technical content, not to mention the management. In fact, every device process, operating points, purchase, to greet the guests, and even the clerk’s stance, the scale of the smile is very subtle things have a standard to follow, 85 degrees tea is such a fine management. If you do not have business experience, do not understand the marketing, 85 degrees tea to provide you with technical training, operations management, business guidance and the latter part of the promotion, to help investors easily shop and operation. Currently, only the Chengdu area chain broke more than and 120, has become the leading brand in the beverage industry in Chengdu.

brand is a magic weapon for winning the catering industry. "

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