Five tea brands recommend

is the world’s three major beverages have come to our China tea, there are a lot of tea business projects, so there is a certain investment cost of the investors to choose investment projects more tea, what good?

tea to choose what brand is better? Xiaobian today to bring you the list of the top five tea stores in 2016, we may wish to follow the public choice.

five tea brands recommend

top1: the grass code

grass stores are all typical tea tea stores in 2016 the first brand to Anoectochilus as the main, product quality and more effective, everyone are very suitable for drinking straw. Oh, join into the most development force of the tea brand stores!

top2: an edge of tea

is a product of tea tea edge to join a brand shop list ranking comparison before, there are more than 3 thousand stores nationwide, the production of high quality tea has won numerous domestic awards in recent years, a margin goods is exported to Southeast Asia, successfully go abroad, a very promising tea join the brand.

top3: viewing tea

is the 2016 relatively hot tea viewing a homemade tea independent franchise brand, has a profound culture of tea tea brand, its reputation as "viewing tea, Chinese taste", from word of mouth can see its important position in the China on the market.

top4: Ming mountain ecological tea

Ming is the margin of tea stores need to cost 10 thousand to 100 thousand dollars, this brand of tea stores tend to be more appropriate in the business center, because of its very high-end people sought after, and is the preferred brand gift, unlimited potential!

top5: Ming is the margin of

Ming is the margin of brand stores in the ranking of tea, ecological and quality as the purpose of brand products, tea is a tea industry is one of the Chinese lead a person to endless aftertastes, ten big brands.

The above is the simple introduction of the

tea franchise brand, a brand of above if you interested or want to know more please join the brand message to us, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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