How to run into the consumer’s attention

now people have a higher demand for laundry, dry cleaning services demand more and more hot, dry cleaners are also very profitable. Many friends may want to ask, how can the dry cleaners into the consumer’s attention? After 20 years of development, dry cleaners have what skills? Let’s take a look.

status: benefits as before

Department). The whole industry can also benefit, but compared with a few years ago is still far worse, on the one hand is a sharp increase in the number of dry cleaners, on the other hand is near the school, village laundry charges low impact. "A few years ago, a small laundry like me, years ago a month net profit can reach a multivariate, now at most five thousand or six thousand yuan." City Court West Street surnamed Lu dry cleaners told reporters. Zhengzhou city industry and Commerce Bureau official said, open dry cleaners, as long as the relevant conditions, you can apply for a business license, but the management of the industry but there is no relevant provisions. Zhengzhang washing company manager Wang told reporters that some laundry put a washing machine on the outside, but in fact it is washed, some do not have the conditions of the laundry washing machine, only one family business.   direct cost of dry cleaning a suit in 2 yuan, plus rent, utilities, staff wages, generally to 2 yuan of money to ensure no loss, but many small dry cleaning shop price is 2 yuan, like this are generally "Maoerni  "." Court West Street dry cleaners, said mr..

, not only the large flow of people, near the residential area is also very much. "  residential area has a lot of housing residents, most of these people are doing business in 27 near the square, a rented house appliances busy business, plus the income is relatively high, this part has become an important customer group i."   Mr. Lu said. Zhengzhang washing company manager Wang believes that the location of dry cleaners is very important, one must consider the consumption level, on the other hand to the residents in the vicinity of the survey of the residential density, and two aspects should be combined with the recommended

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