Sichuan Huaxi energy and other listed companies Quarterly

for listed companies, the market is generally a little famous, especially those who buy shares of the friends, the concern for the listed companies are still close. Below, Xiaobian for you to introduce a quarterly report on Listed Companies in Sichuan.

net profit growth was significantly lower than revenue growth, Kawashio Zhisheng (002253) in the first quarter net profit growth slowed significantly. According to its latest disclosure in 2016 a quarterly show, the company achieved operating income of 60 million 490 thousand yuan, an increase of 40.18%, net profit of $4 million 617 thousand and 300, an increase of 8.68%; earnings per share of $0.03. Meanwhile, the company expects a quarterly net profit of 13 million 134 thousand and 800 yuan from January 2016 to June attributable to shareholders of listed companies to $15 million 761 thousand and 800, an increase of the range of 0% to 20%.

Although the first quarter

growth is slow, but the full year results of Kawashio Zhisheng confidence. Kawashio Zhisheng said that the company’s profit model will be changed from the project model to the project + service + product model, in 2016 the operating objective is net profit growth of 50%-120%. Since its establishment 15 years ago, 2004-2008 is the fastest growing net profit for the past five years, with an average annual growth of $23%. "13th Five-Year" period, the company’s net profit is expected to be higher than the average annual growth rate ratio.

Northeast Securities (000686, shares) analyst Qu Yongzhong analysis pointed out that with the fall of VR business continues to extend business and face recognition in the field of security, Kawashio Zhisheng new business in 2016 is expected to contribute to profits, and the rapid growth in the next few years, gradually over traditional pipe products to achieve gorgeous transformation.

although the industry generally optimistic about Kawashio Zhisheng, but the agency is still high rallies. From the first quarter, Kawashio Zhisheng’s share price after the crash began to rebound sharply after the first quarter rose nearly doubled. And in the share price rebounded sharply, while institutional investors have significant holdings. A quarterly in the top ten shareholders of circulation, harvest growth of open-end fund new positions 2 million 480 thousand shares, growth and icbccs high-end manufacturing industry, harvest growth, harvest strategy (070011, fund) fund fully exit the top ten shareholders of circulation. The largest number of institutional ownership in the rich countries in the first quarter of the CSI military index also reduced by 830 thousand shares. Overall, institutional investors in the first quarter net Holdings significantly.

triple play hot India Ji media (002143, shares) expected earnings in the first half of 300 million


4 27, the Indian media Ji (002143) released a quarterly show, the first quarter of 2016 operating income 454 million 439 thousand and 400 yuan, an increase of 10.98%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit recommended

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