The name of a startup company

would like to name children, the name of the company also represents a certain meaning, may also have a certain influence on the future career development, so entrepreneurs how to identify the name of the company is good or bad? Let me see small series of!

to venture company name is not easy, a loud and consistent with the nature of the company’s name is easy to remember the name of the consumer, we pay attention to personality, unique people, but can not deviate from the gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, the nature of the industry, the name of a company in the end is good, in fact, they can be identified in this paper. You are given three days whether or not the company name identification method, we hope to help the company leader.

A, the name of the enterprise that the image must be beautiful, auspicious, so pleasing.

two, the name of the enterprise image is an individual, unique, and easy to remember and spread, bring good propaganda effect.

Properties of

three. The corporate name and its subordinate industry must match, such as computer company name, not a like Tongrentang this medicine enterprise name.

take enterprise, mainly due to the nature of the industry, product performance, in line with the principle of CI, Chinese characters principle, aesthetic principle, principle of modern marketing, advertising, psychology, geography and humanities reference, strengthen the creative, comprehensive analysis into the cultural connotation, proper positioning, creative, have a unique style, excellent brand recognition, easy to spread, conducive to enterprise the development of the name. And for the enterprise to have a lucky meaning, better visual perception and the meaning of the deeper meaning of the enterprise name.

if you are an entrepreneur, and also has a first name, then this name is good or bad, now if you already know? Do you have confidence in a good name?

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