2014 small business project overview

in the coming 2014, do you have any plans to start a business? Recently, a lot of friends have to give us a message, consulting 2014 small entrepreneurial projects which. Here, Xiaobian collecting about it!

2014 small business project: Nostalgia shop

the project site in the downtown area, the pavement need not very big, 20 square meters can be. Management of goods does not emphasize high value, but to show its artistic charm. Its customer base is not a real collector, but a low grade consumer with artistic taste. Management of goods can be an old phonograph, radio, cup, watch, the price generally locked in the tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. Initial investment of about 40 thousand yuan, another $twenty thousand of liquidity to purchase. Because of this kind of store is not much, the competition is not big, so the market prospect is optimistic.

2014 small business project: digital car shop

2014 small business project: Bedding disinfection service agency

2014 small business project: crystal ornaments shop

2014 small business projects: the characteristics of tea tea, the main characteristics of />

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