Female college production for her boyfriend but insisted that father of triplets may exclude identif

college children have begun to see more recently in Hangzhou, a female college student unmarried birth to triplets, the child’s father is not her boyfriend, but the girl insisted that the child is a boyfriend.

today, a message is spread on the Internet, the general content is: "the 23 year old female college students in Hangzhou gave birth to triplets, could not find the child’s biological father?" Cause network attention and forwarding.

Mary said, in October 2014, she and a male classmate Xiao Jun (a pseudonym) communication, soon discovered that she was pregnant. At first, she is not ready to have children, then the doctor said that if this time to give up, then it is very difficult to want. Finally, Mary under pressure, the three cell viviparous down.

later, Mary with a small army of contact, hoping to jointly undertake the responsibility of raising a child, but the small army said child may not be their own.


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