How many days will it take to start a business

a lot of entrepreneurs in the venture after the idea is often constantly wandering, and ultimately all kinds of dreams can only be nipped in the cradle, in fact, entrepreneurship is fully prepared, and not so difficult. Next, the small series will witness the process of entrepreneurship and everyone started.

startup first days: to have a viable idea.

start to consider your core business philosophy can become viable businesses. So how do you know if it’s going to be successful? Well, to be honest, you can’t be 100% sure. Start thinking carefully, try to be honest and objective, and start asking questions like this:

1  does anyone need (or want) what you’re going to sell? Will the demand be bad or how much they want to get?. The next step is to do a thorough market research.

2  how do you allow customers to buy your products? Although the results of the survey, people will wear out the threshold, trap to buy your last fall over each other, but the fact is not always the case. Think about what it would be like to be in your business.

3  are they now buying alternative products? Can you be sure that the customer will be able to take out the wallet for your product?

4  how do you focus? Do you have a strategy, or do you plan to do nothing?

the answers to these questions seem to be obviously, but the benefits of doing so is to give yourself a reality check. Essentially, are you questioning whether your product or service has a market. If you invest a lot of money, especially if it’s someone else’s money (such as an investor), it’s worthwhile to do background research.

to determine the company’s ownership structure is not what formula, while initially looks like it may embarrass you, if you are working with people of entrepreneurship. But it will be one thousand times easier to do than to wait until the money starts to be injected. Determine the proportion of equity, who did what, who came up with the idea of the value of how much. There’s no such thing. The most direct factor is money, if you take the time (that is, the so-called human assets) and energy, which can be converted into the value of money. The original business idea is extremely hard to value, and I think the idea itself is of little value, because it’s worth more than your later work.

now you already are aware of the potential legal issues related to ownership, this time to be.

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