Discovery of innovation in the West nnovation Summit highlights

venture Tianfu deserved reputation, there are many outstanding entrepreneurs, there are many start-up companies, is a very good number of entrepreneurial resources etc.. The entrepreneurial "Tianfu discovered in the western innovation" Innovation Summit is a very bright spot.

is about

50 one of the world’s leading investment institutions, and from all over the Chinese, especially the Western outstanding entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and give every VC10 minutes to explain their innovative projects and innovative ideas, eventually establish contact and exchange programs.

XFounder night

Top innovation team from Chinese,

CHINA  bang  Awards;

awards ceremony

200+ innovation industry leaders, senior industry investors, as well as the media participants, the past year, a summary of outstanding achievements and recognition.

in the business is more and more kinds of Tianfu wear entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial venture Tianfu company has brought more and more resources.



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