The daily topic of WeChat red years after cooling can counter attack success of Alipay

station network ( February 8th news, "you got much money today?" is the Spring Festival greetings! With WeChat "red envelopes" function in a short time quickly became popular, a WeChat Alipay wallet payment users to catch up with the rumors stirred the payment market, although rumors have exaggerated, but a strong offensive WeChat’s use of social property advantages "counter attack" Alipay has caused great concern in the market.


of a small product during the Spring Festival rush sparked national red hot. In January 28th, WeChat launched the new year red envelopes, just two days to grab a red envelope in the popular wind between friends. WeChat red envelopes play is very simple, it is behind the financial payment through the operation of the new year red envelopes, the public number, the function can be achieved red envelopes, check and send and receive records. On this account, WeChat users can send two envelopes, one is the "fight luck group red, after the total amount of red set number of users, can produce different amount of bonus; there is a common matching red. At present the most popular is the former.

WeChat red has gone beyond the concept of red envelopes, it is more like a social game. In the traditional sense of the red envelope, how to get a few hundred dollars, are very close to the behavior between relatives and friends. This feature is even extended to the previous payment instruments alone in the red envelope products, take the Spring Festival last year, through the payment of money through the red envelopes, the average amount of a single red also has 250 yuan. WeChat red envelopes are completely different. If the user will know when the release will get a lot of red envelopes, in addition to thank it is difficult to have more excitement. The practice of WeChat red is to let everyone grab, in addition to the use of a random algorithm. People grab red envelopes in the amount of more or less, open class, will let each time the issuance of red to show off, upset, topic, will inspire the sharing and dissemination of active users.

overnight, WeChat launched red "viral" in the circle of friends, buddies are crazy, grab a red envelope, play is the heart. "Ding Dong" WeChat tone of young people holding mobile phone as one falls, another rises, sleepless nights, grab 1 cent to scream "crazy state", zheshiling home laofulaomu puzzled, what in the world? Ma obviously know that a veteran in battle the world how, he then issued a document in the exchange, said the admiration of the WeChat red "the Spring Festival, praising the Pearl Harbor attack plan and the implementation of the" perfect "," awesome ", it does make us a profound lesson". However, like the challenge of Ma is not afraid, confidently said, fortunately, the Spring Festival will soon be over, behind the day is still very long".

actually, 1 days before WeChat red function on-line in early January 24th, Alipay’s mobile phone software Alipay wallet on the line of red envelopes, and discuss red line on the first day of users reached 79 thousand, issued a total of 220 thousand red envelopes. However, because of the social attribute of this short board, Alipay first launched red function was later WeChat to grab the limelight.

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