Oxcart network do automotive reviews know peace or watercress


"what are you doing, the public comment in the automotive field? Know? Or watercress?"


founder carts network said from the beginning of her business, which is almost the most common questions asked.

hy replied: "it looks like we blend these, but essentially we are not". In the carts home network, the main content is divided into five parts, essence, expert comments, questions and answers, the garage:

ask is carts at a recent network pushing, also said part of the imaging of knowledge, white users can ask questions based on their own needs, a large automotive industry is to take carts network defined "expert" to focus the tuition FAQ, and according to the different is divided into Car Buying, maintenance and used cars and other specific areas;

reviews the model draws on public comment, the user can review each according to their own understanding of each model, a part of the accumulated contents constitute the garage, and reviews from basic information to show the specific circumstances of each model.

in the specific usage scenarios, the main users carts network can be divided into two categories: one is the primary type of white users, online carts, they can quiz by Wikipedia and essence early science, but also in the Q & a plate directly to the master, consult or participate in relevant interest groups to find their own circle another; which is distributed in various areas in the automotive industry "expert" users can contribute to high-quality reviews, answer new questions, their expertise will become part of the carts network.

wrote to you not difficult to see, whether it is comment, know peace or watercress, hy want to build, is actually a user to produce their own content platform for automotive advice, whether it is in front of the car, or buy Car Buying Car Buying after service market, are able to generate high-quality content through the UGC mode, that is emphasized by oxcart network opinion".

before the start, highland to the media identity in the automotive media for many years, has served as deputy editor of Tencent auto channel, chexun Wang CEO and other staff. The two sides automotive media grafting is the B side of the car dealer and C end consumers, in the highland view, the traditional car site more biased in favor of the B side, and she has been trying to do, is a vertical community car towards the C side, the user is to seize the ravenous demand for premium content.


(Highland beauty CEO carts network)

at the beginning of 2013, highland got from Xianfeng Huaxing close to 1 million yuan of angel investment, June 2013, carts network (formerly NextCar) officially launched. Online carts, Hyland said to the C side, reflected mainly through two aspects:

one is the generation of content, as

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