On cheating in VP5944 com space

some time ago a friend said to do a website, but he did not want to put too much, because he did not understand this. On the Internet to see ah, Huang finally pays off, he was finally found when he thought that "good and cheap space" that is here, I was also advised him not to buy it in the space, there is a lot of people bought space in there, that there is space garbage, but he is not obedient to buy or not buy friends, at that time, I have to do, then my friend said to buy two, a space for his own love of the privacy of network, a space to do their own love fortune network.

may I speak, they ask a 5944 space business service a few words, asked him if he is not what features support, he said, and asked if he could bind subdirectories, he said to bind, then ask him for money not binding subdirectories, he said no, the after it is asked about what space speed and stability, their answer is yes.

when I left a heart, to help a friend buy a space, look, if it is stable and fast, then buy another, really did not think ah, I just bought back space, FTP landing, called a FTP card really worry ah, that is really too stuck, I thought it was my computer not speed, also specially to Internet cafes to try, did not expect to Internet cafes, or the same card, then I asked 5944 questions and customer service in the background, their answer is that these days in the maintenance of the server, I believe at that time did not say what. But one day later, the last two days, this more than a week passed, FTP card or not, I will also ask them to call what happened, did not expect the customer to give my answer is that their servers are now being hacked.

Oh, I’ll wait ah, I waited, and waited for several days now, ask them why FTP or the death card, you guess his answer, they said I was the problem of the network (see below for a portion of their customer service I answered my question figure). It is too far away, and after that, I really know, friends, ah, fooled, so that you do not buy space in 5944, you have to buy. I did not let this space with friends, I personally sent my friends a few hundred M of space, he first used. In the 5944 buy space may be placed about two months, has been idle, one day I log on, look, they may also see our problem has changed under the environment of Titus, FTP, without the previous card, then I will upload the contents of ah, did not think of, not good FTP easy to use, this website opens slowly, ah, it is really a slow, almost indescribable feeling, like eating dead flies like a little bit sick. I know what to say is late, although the money is not much, but the space has been bought, what is the way?. In order to collect their deceptive evidence, I deliberately asked them some customer service problems, really did not expect ah, then;

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