RVF CHNA network network monopoly eight awards ecological model of new wind to lead the industry

news December 12th, "Wine review" United Financial Network "organized by the RVF China outstanding Wine annual award" and "RVF Chinese import Wine annual awards recommended yesterday at the 2016 Sanya international finance forum announced on ·. With the network network ecological model leading advantage and strength of specialization has won the "outstanding Wine Business Award eight awards, winning enterprises with global quality products has double honor.

in a year, Seebach winery featured Dragon Seal Riesling particle "Buster Park" sweet white Wine won the 2006 RVF Wine Wine recommended 2016 year review of imported wine award, Chateau Botai Zinfandel red pull Fitzer 2014 and Wine Cavalli Genuine Red Wine 2008 both won the silver medal. At the same time, pull the red Zinfandel feeser winery Botai Wine 2014 and Chateau Seebach particles Dragon Seal Riesling "featured Buster Park" sweet white Wine 2016 won the best price award. In addition, the global private network network quality brand exposure rose to 2015 Carmenere in one fell swoop won prize and best performance award two awards.


network network was awarded "outstanding Wine Business Award eight awards

spoils global brand competitiveness highlights

network network eight awards in the bag, enough to see its leading product brand operation strength and ecological model, has been highly appreciated by the industry authority. In the eight awards, Fitzer winery Zinfandel red Wine Botai pull and superior quality of dried gel fire rose two brands won the approval of expert judges.

It is reported that

, the award-winning products, especially the gains double awards rose worked in more than one battle brisk performance. "Double 11" period, the fire rose to the new world wine easy to drink characteristics welcomed by consumers, has been among the best-selling brand TOP3, single day sales of 26 thousand.

excellent market performance thanks to the global supply chain network network quality and the strength of the operation of deep IP. It is understood that the fire rose is the largest network network and Wine manufacturers in Chile to create a joint annual dry single product, dry the group’s production capacity to give the product a strong endorsement of quality. In the brand operation mode, relying on music as ecological resources network network integration of entertainment, richly endowed by nature, television, sports stars, IP resources, IP mode of operation through the panoramic, the fire rose into the phenomenon of popular popular single product, enhance brand competitiveness,.

according to the introduction, cultivating the core region of global network network results in the product level gradually hatching, in addition to the ongoing introduction of 16 countries nearly 3000 products, will also strengthen strategic cooperation in line with global manufacturers, together to create its own brand of high quality matrix.

award winning: ecological footprint occupied

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