How to do the content marketing content of entrepreneurship enterprises hot 2016

January 22, 2016, the content of the entrepreneurial spring · 2016 new conference held in Beijing, Shangri-La hotel. Interesting is that the new round of the General Assembly launched the content marketing white paper (2015), for a time, the content of entrepreneurship has become a hot spot. The reason, since 2014, since the media hot, many investors in the eyes of the media since 2015, some people said that in 2015, is the first year of new media investment.


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valuation has 1 billion 300 million logic thinking, writer Wu Xiaobo, the United China Jingwei partner Cao Guoxiong et al., established the "lion home to enjoy the new media fund" has been completed on a number of WeChat number of public investment; Zhang Quanling from the CCTV after leaving a purple cow fund founding managing partner, focused on the content of industrial investment; Fan Weifeng founded the high Zhang capital, as a "major new media fund, only 3 hundred million investment in new media.

content can also be caused by Internet entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial "hot, but once the essence through the phenomenon, since the media is to make the world" content is king "from the media, Zhang Chunyu said:" since the media need to have engaged in traditional media background, but also need to have a deep understanding of the Internet, double experience not much. Since the media industry is a narrow, only a handful of people can succeed!

it is true, can from the media to play a position but the headline number, a little information, daily express, Himalaya FM, dragonfly FM Youku potatoes, second shot dozens of other platforms, and famous writers from the media is very rare, Cheng Lingfeng, Luo Zhenyu, Zhang Hua, Fan Weifeng…… Moreover, these people from the media with the WeChat platform to gather a certain network, not only focus on content development. In order to survive, they use fans to develop other industries, such as Luo fat to do with the feelings of the product!

from the development of hot media, mobile social marketing has become the mainstream trend, the content of the enterprise marketing also provides a reference. Many companies also follow the trend to establish a public number in WeChat, published in the media platform from the article…… However, the effect and professional comparison of the media, it seems that the lack of something. 825 new media industry fund executive director David money for enterprises hold this view from the media: "enterprises do a public number or marketing, or that we won’t see!" investors are not optimistic about the business from the media, fans could not catch a cold.


said, in the mobile Internet era, the establishment of public enterprises do content marketing, if not particularly prominent, estimated to be empty, nothing. Of course, some enterprises have started to target the sensible, since the value of the media, is currently the main source of income is many from the media ads, the ads pay the most to do is content marketing enterprises.

in time from the media fast, "red" the occupation was gradually.

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