Micro blog has become an important platform for enterprise marketing

public relations research center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University public opinion research laboratory jointly issued the "2011 Annual Report of micro-blog China", focuses on the analysis of characteristics of the development of micro-blog in 2011, and in 2012 the micro-blog development trends. The report said, highlighting the value of micro-blog business, becoming an important platform for corporate marketing and public relations.

Internet data firm DCCI released data show that 72% of micro-blog users will focus on micro-blog commercials; nearly 25% users will focus on more than 10 enterprises in the official account of micro-blog; 34.3% of users use micro-blog brand discount information acquisition.

report pointed out that micro-blog’s huge benefits and potential marketing companies have entered micro-blog, a large number of enterprises to actively use the official micro-blog interactive.

figures show that there are more than 5 thousand companies to test the water micro-blog marketing, micro-blog marketing has become a major highlight of today’s social marketing.

on the micro-blog platform, enterprises can express their own corporate culture, as well as on the hot topic of views and attitudes, planning and marketing activities of enterprises, to establish a positive corporate social image, improve enterprise or product visibility and brand value. In addition, the company also uses the enormous influence of opinion leaders micro-blog marketing. At the same time, the use of micro-blog crisis public relations, to make the most rapid response to emergencies, establish a good corporate image.

for example, Haidilao exposed bone soup and beverage are brewing in the news, quickly through the store and micro-blog and other social channels to explain, in addition to thank the media supervision, also illustrates the soup pot, lemon water blending is the raw material of informal enterprises provide, at the same time, in accordance with relevant state provisions for the publicity, and headquarters telephone and mobile phone 3 contacts, welcome customers to visit the logistics base and store Houchu, to allay public doubts. Sea fishing this sincere attitude and the courage to play, in the practice of consumer understanding, micro-blog users have even behind the sea.

report that entrepreneurs micro-blog has also helped corporate marketing, establish a good corporate image.

nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs have come to realize this. For example, Feng Jun, President of the Patriots, often use micro-blog to promote the Patriot brand, in his release of the 3360 micro-blog, there are as many as 704 references to the Patriot brand. At the same time, entrepreneurs can also express their views on public events and interact with others, such as micro-blog, etc., to establish a good image of entrepreneurs, to have a positive impact on their businesses.

final report to forecast the development trend of micro-blog in 2012, with the business of micro-blog users come in a throng, micro-blog increasingly fierce competition, to explore the micro-blog profit model will also become more and more deeply, whether the initial formation of micro-blog profit model will become the focus of the development of micro-blog in 2012.

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