Google and Microsoft snapped up Googli ng and Bi ng domains


Google and Microsoft has become the first to buy Nigeria’s national top-level domain name (.Ng) of the company, in order to protect their own brand domain name.

Google and Microsoft were purchased googli.ng and bi.ng, Microsoft’s bi.ng domain name can almost certainly become the main site of the Microsoft Bing search service.

early last year and in December, TNW has been first reported Thisday.ng became the first Nigeria national top-level domain (.Ng) of the registration, and to encourage the Internet start-ups can use the new top-level domain of African countries.

in February 4th, we learned from micro-blog Argawal Amit Microsoft has registered the domain name bi.ng. The time domain has been pointing to the "Microsoft s Nameservers, but did not make the application. So we just wait for the Microsoft to make the direction of the application may be used as search engine domain, and may be a similar to the Google Goo.gl shortening service domain.


TNW estimated that Google will register googli.ng domain name in December, the news proves that the TNW estimate is not wrong. We quickly query the googli.ng domain in WHOIS, showing that Google at the end of January has been registered in Nigeria registered top-level domain.

currently, googli.ng has not been applied, but pointed to the company’s Nameservers. With Google opened domain shortening service, this purchase googli.ng domain name should be used to protect their brand name.


This two

domain is registered by Websoft Ltd, the company need to direct contact with the Commissioner of registration. Want to register with the.Ng domain of the company, need to contact NIRA directly, and the payment of about 500000 ($3334) annual fee, registration method is different from the.Com domain. (has been changed to 7500000 with the latest news, please see below)

According to the

TNW on a.Ng comment article, NIRA for domain name registration inspection is very strict. If the registrant has planned to use the domain name and are interested in buying.Ng domain, the NIRA will be sold at a higher price.


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