Purchase of clothing shop

on Taobao, clothing is a very hot product. So how can we share it? Specifically, Taobao clothing store has so few to pay attention to the problem:

1, do brand or do a

to do the equivalent of a brand to prove their own integrity of the shop, the focus on the construction of credit Taobao shop is very effective. But these brands of the franchisee of high cost, not the general store can bear, so start the best choose to do first name, and then gradually open, and then according to their actual situation, choose the form of shop.

2, the number of incoming

if the money is not enough, do not have too much time into a lot of goods. Although large quantities can reduce costs, but also face the risk of insufficient liquidity.

3, the purchase should be rich and varied

users tend to wander in the store, so the goods can not only be limited to their main business. For example, the clothing store can enter some leisure bags, hats and other accessories, and these sales are often able to achieve results beyond all expectations.

4, purchase must be sampling

some shopkeepers feel embarrassed when purchasing, did not check the goods. When I came back home, I found some bad clothes. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk, the purchase must pay attention to check.

5, into the inventory of the pros and cons of

many large manufacturers will from time to time to deal with some inventory, these prices are very cheap, so if there can be to purchase, if you do not have enough resolution, it is best not to try, because for the store, to ensure that they do not lose more important than making money.

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