Micro blog’s contribution to brand marketing

micro-blog, is already a large platform for most Chinese Internet users must be used to understand the information every day. From 2009 micro-blog in Chinese make first appearance to now already 4 years, time, micro-blog’s "140 word short content has created countless legends. Especially in the micro-blog show to the user of the brand is to reap the limelight. So micro-blog in the end to brand marketing do much contribution? A night now tell you some examples:

      /> , a micro-blog

      two, low-cost venture

      as a free release of information platform, micro-blog can be described as very cheap marketing. As long as you know how to type, with enough information about the ability to write, write out the content to attract fans attention, then you can achieve zero cost business. Like there was a small traders not many micro-blog issued a "as long as you want to leave the shop in my micro-blog in its fans, we immediately send" information among the fans immediately triggered a crowd and reproduced, though not large, but also for the family the store has brought a lot of fame.

      three, enhance brand value and stable

      because micro-blog has a very strong communication effect, if the brand elements in the micro-blog, with high popularity and strong brand micro-blog to enhance the images in people’s minds, you can quickly get the spread of fans. The effect will be exponentially. Like all TV brand column, in shaping their own micro-blog are quite users, often show a fire, will introduce a large number of fans, and so on micro-blog fans of all kinds of information transfer, the program will soon hold ratings, and the momentum of rising. The extraordinary effect of visible micro-blog brings to the brand.

      four, with micro-blog tracking and customer service

      micro-blog >

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