Website design enterprise website construction quotation

The construction of

enterprise website (ex gratia quotation)
1, function of enterprise site construction site can improve the overall image of the enterprise, show the actual strength of the enterprise
2 website, companies can build their own propaganda position to the national and global information publishing enterprise;  
3, you can build a website covering the whole country sales system;  
4, the construction site can open the door to the world;  
5, the construction site can improve the work efficiency and work quality, develop new sales channels;  
6, the construction site can establish the credibility of enterprises.  
7, the construction site is to build a customer all-weather 24 hours service support system;  
8, the construction site is to build a customer service service system;  
9, the construction site is built a technical support system;
Hard disk space

economic space virtual host 200M store page 1 static fine type
function part of website access counter 1 Statistics site
issued by the news ranking in the major search engines.
2, website standard practical standards for practical

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