QQ online shopping graft pat micro shop support for multi platform development to pay margin 20 thou


] April 21st news billion state power network, POP platform combined with QQ Jingdong today announced, announced the gradual fusion during the Tencent and the Jingdong business platform, QQ online shopping will maintain the normal operation, and expressed support for the QQ online shopping sellers in online shopping, pat, Jingdong multi platform development.

According to the announcement of the

, Jingdong open platform in 2014, hoping to quickly attract QQ online shopping merchants settled, a large number of tariff concessions for the settled online shopping businesses. And pat micro shop also began to absorb a large number of QQ online shopping businesses. Jingdong and Tencent channel integration between the electricity supplier, began to fully integrate business resources and channel resources.

the following is the full text of the announcement:

on QQ online shopping continues to operate and business incentives announcement

Tencent and Jingdong with the electricity supplier platform gradually keeping normal operation in the QQ online shopping, we will work for all businesses to provide more detailed operational support, to create a better business environment, to build a new business platform.

in order to ensure a smooth transition integration, the integration of the operation of the measures and preferential policies are described as follows:

first: QQ online shopping normal operation:

QQ online shopping will not be closed, Jingdong will continue to invest. Online shopping operators advertising products (express delivery, direct investment, easy to focus, and will be able to perform wonders of space direct) sustainable development, the seller can continue to use QQ online shopping advertising account inside money advertising. If the business into a pat shop operators, advertising account will automatically follow the transfer, does not affect any advertising operations.

second: platform to encourage and support QQ online shopping sellers in online shopping, pat, Jingdong multi platform development, and provide a number of business incentives:

QQ online shopping shop settled Jingdong open platform, enjoy the green channel and the relevant preferential policies are as follows:

1) settled in the green channel: online quickly signed Jingdong open platform electronic agreement, online shopping merchants settled without re qualification audit, saving time;

2) enjoy the platform fee waiver policy: from the Jingdong settled open platform to December 31, 2014 during the month shall be exempt from the platform fee.

3) deduction incentives: online shopping merchants settled in the Jingdong open platform, in the month ending December 31, 2014, Jingdong enjoy similar orders Koudian dropped 1 percentage points discount, Jingdong open platform will give Koudian returned to businesses by way of business class account quarter.

4) enjoy a shorter settlement cycle: the normal settlement cycle for the month, the original QQ online shopping to Jingdong merchants can apply for settlement of T+1 after paying the deposit. (Note: the Jingdong open platform T+1 settlement services through Jingdong billing system, Jingdong and Jingdong settlement platform POP open platform business background and a series of information systems seamlessly by Jingdong, online banking wallet, the merchant node >

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