Eight grassroots website promotion good way

my site, site less than a month, on the fifteenth day was Baidu included, who ran a long time, but saw that included was very excited, good stuff is certainly not alone, below I carefully collected in the online website promotion method is announced to everyone.

must have two points, one is the quality of your web site to pass, there is a fascinating place, let a person see the next time also want to ask, how to attract people, it depends on your skill. The two is the site to be updated frequently, the new site is to focus on the original, each to find the original chant, don’t tell me I can’t find it, can not find the original artifacts, this is not reasonable, who let us is grassroots that, if false original nor I have no way.

as long as these two points to start it:

: the first is to join the network on some major engines, like what Baidu Google, YAHOO, Sogou, Alexa, etc. as long as there are added, like some unknown also want to add, such as quick search, Skynet search and so on, do not underestimate these small search, a long time to bring traffic is less. Steady. My website has the address of each big engine included.

second: the search alliance code on your home page, you want to see what alliance, Baidu is generally not Google, but one must remember, not a site within the two union search code, you put Baidu, "Baidu included soon, and Google are. This will see you love that.

third: add QQ group website promotion method. With all your QQ plus group, can add how much more, each group every day to send your website address and introduction. If you have enough QQ, plus the group is a large group of words, the effect of propaganda do not mention the flow of traffic to the. Don’t be afraid of being kicked, QQ group is more, this method seems to be that, but for the sake of our new website to bear a thick skin.

fourth: to other sites offer free service, the website is not easy to collect some of the whole thing, combined with their own according to your website, such as free, free, free ebook material statistics and so on, for a long time, flow slowly came, this is an attractive method, now not free who see ah.

fifth: BT, eMule, promotion methods, put your site into audio and video, download the software to help thousands of households, to the latest, most popular audio and video files, such as the latest movie, the latest album, which requires certain technical content, the whole good words, a video file, can be tens of thousands of IP, I want to.

sixth: the forum, visit the Post Bar, aggregation of local Internet users, where the hot, hot topic published, his own top, the key to a good title, the title can write ambiguous topic, not illegal stuff, the police came to you than me, Baidu Post Bar needless to say we all know, it is a good place.

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