Open up a blue ocean of network management the way of new media

in the Internet era, the Internet is destined to become a new source of survival and development of all media. But we also see, whether it is eager to go online to find a new way of traditional media, or in an attempt to get rid of the current difficulties through cooperation with traditional media, Internet media, are facing a common problem: how to establish a new profit model on the Internet, how to obtain greater economic benefits. To achieve this purpose, of course, not only can not rely on traditional media to go through the path, there is no ready-made experience to draw on, the only thing is in the business philosophy, business model, making profit mode and management strategy on continuous innovation, establish new media industry value chain in the exploration and the internet. The author believes that to solve this problem, we must achieve breakthroughs in the following areas.

1. Innovative business philosophy: from the dissemination of information to business information

network media, no matter what type of website, have a common name: ICP (content providers English shrink, do not underestimate this title), it is the media’s social role in a major change in the network age. We know that the biggest function of traditional media is as a means of information dissemination, and profit is a derived function. Western scholars have put the media industry into the cultural economy and financial economy, culture in economy, the sale of media to the audience is the "symbol, meaning and pleasure", get the audience’s attention, namely the circulation and rating; and in the financial, media and the audience’s attention sold to advertisers and advertisers, advertising revenue and profit. The media is through the two sale to complete the exchange of value and use value. Because of this, advertising has become the most important way to make money. In the Internet age, the changes in the needs of the audience to the media, according to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) of the previous survey showed that people go to the Internet in addition to "access to information", and "entertainment", "personal communication", "emotional", "academic research", "online chat" and "information" and "electronic magazine" and "short message service", "individual homepage" etc.. That is to say the relationship between the network media and the Internet is not only the relationship between information disseminators and recipients, and the relationship is the network content product providers and consumers; network media profit mode in addition to traditional media selling for two times, is more direct selling and business content products". Such as the "Wall Street journal" published by the website of economic reports and financial articles, but because of the information it provides authoritative, informative, rich, has a high practical value for investors, the website started the implementation of the charging system, the subscriber fee standard is: is the parent newspaper subscribers pay $29 a year, not the parent newspaper subscribers pay $49 a year. To the first quarter of 2005, the site’s online subscribers reached 731 thousand people, network revenue of $117 million 200 thousand. In the recent few years, SMS, MMS information download, online games, customized ringing tone electronic mail, data query and other value-added services has become the main source of income for many websites. This shows that Internet users do not

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