Sina micro blog purge grassroots large marketing company by squeezing and liquidation


trainee reporter Ji Jiapeng Beijing reported

Sina micro-blog money earned.

newspaper reporter’s survey, recently, a number of sina grassroots micro-blog dependent large days began to become more affected by the impact of micro-blog is easy to represent the third party micro-blog marketing platform.

micro-blog founder Xu Yang admitted to reporters, the recent policy adjustments by Sina micro-blog, micro-blog’s turnover has been reduced by 30%-40%. The number of micro-blog cooperation with micro-blog also fell by 20%.

and the origin of all this, can be traced back to Sina micro-blog eager to commercialize mentality. With Sina’s share price fell from the peak of $125 to the current $50, investors are increasingly keen on the early commercialization of sina micro-blog. In this context, Sina began to put his hand into the micro-blog marketing company’s purse.

this is a Sina in a dilemma proposition: in the process of the rise of sina micro-blog, micro-blog these third party marketing agencies have played an important role, many micro-blog marketing agencies make a lot of money, but gained little from sina. Some of the excessive commercialization of micro-blog marketing institutions hype, and even seriously undermine the ecological micro-blog.

in this context, Sina micro-blog began in a variety of ways to require these micro-blog marketing agencies and Sina official cooperation, and from the cost.

"we have not been able to invest in Sina’s micro-blog marketing company." A famous foreign VC investor told reporters, Sina frequent policy adjustments, the systematic risk of micro-blog marketing company becomes large, such business projects have a hot start, the capital market by the cold.

purge grassroots large

January 8th, 510 thousand fans of sina micro-blog account "Korean intelligence network" suddenly received Sina micro-blog administrator notification, called the "micro-blog published suspected of commercial behavior hinder the user experience or affect the normal operation of sina micro-blog, the administrator has been encrypted." Sina at the same time notify the account, the future need to be released by Sina micro-blog official task platform micro task information.

similar events occur frequently, which is interpreted as Sina in the clean up micro-blog ecosystem, it was also suggested that sina is to make a big money from the grassroots large money.

"Sina micro-blog has always wanted to manage grassroots large, started in December last year to do a more severe blow, many large ads by Sina micro-blog screen and even titles. We detected a reduction of about 20% in the near future." Third party micro-blog marketing platform micro-blog founder Xu Yang told reporters.

as a matter of fact, when micro-blog is still a problem for Sina to make a headache, "global classic", "cold jokes"

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