Grand investment company BASF bought double spell domain name anzhi com

It is reported,

news June 22nd, BASF recently accepted a grand after tens of millions of investment, an intellectual action again to buy "Andriod’s website Chinese Ansafe Larry domain anzhi.com, the domain name not to disclose the specific amount of the transaction.

Anzhi is a settlement, yasutomo, allusion, AZ, Android Chinese characters of the alphabet, anzhi.com domain name is widely used, and the translation from Anzhi to Android, Android Chinese characters more commercial value, in 2008, Google announced its entry into the mobile phone industry, to bring mobile phone operating system Android, Android, is the official Chinese "android".


current user access to the anzhi.com domain jump to an intellectual forum bbs.goapk.com page, Whois query domain information, domain name anzhi.com display information for the owner of Han Yuan holding, the domain name registered in 2003, nearly 8 years of registration time, the Android Anzhi other mainstream suffix.Net/.cn/.com.cn for others to register.

since Google launched Chinese, "Android" system, China has set off on an an series and Larry domain registration boom earlier, 3G portal has successfully acquired two an series double spell domain name anzhuo.cn/.com.cn, anzhuo.cn has been finished as the Android forum official domain name, anzhuo.com.cn forward to the forum.

on the other, the main business includes the Android Android Market and Android forum, is currently the largest Andriod application download platform, has more than 4 million registered users, and Netdragon’s Android network and its application in parallel exchange Innovation works.

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