The development trend of website customer service system

network marketing era, compared with the traditional marketing, marketing is another branch, and this branch will be at an explosive speed forward, due to large enterprises with international vision, basically realized the network marketing across, and China is a small and medium-sized enterprise has 23 million economic powers only about 3 million of small and medium-sized enterprises more or less in the implementation of network marketing, China population, the number of Internet users as of December 2009 has reached 223 million, ranking first in the world, China Internet market will greatly promote the rapid development of the Internet industry.

network marketing has the advantages of low cost, fast spread, wide range, no time and space constraints, this is the advantage of Internet, but many small and medium-sized enterprises in the network marketing China enough attention, even know the importance of it is still at a loss, after all, the Internet came in 90s Chinese last century, in the history of development of China 16 years only for them, is still a new thing, some enterprises set up a web site to see others will follow a website, has also entered the ranks of network marketing, but did not go to the promotion, then sank into the vast ocean of information, no one knows.

there are many companies spend a lot of money to do all kinds of network advertising, but the effect is not ideal, the customer came to your sales platform why so difficult to single out? We’re going to make a simple analysis of the development of the Internet, Chinese has gone through four stages, the first stage, 1994 in 2000, cognitive stage, many people have just heard about this thing, just a little understanding, in doubt. The second stage, depression period, from 2000 to 2003, due to the development of the Internet to act with undue haste, too confident, enterprises have invested a huge amount of advertising, but not a good harvest, with the bursting of the Internet bubble, many Internet Co went bankrupt, suspected of network marketing companies more effect, the network began to consider deeper level of things, network marketing is in the trough. The third stage, from 2003 to 2008, a period of rapid development of the Internet Chinese, the overall economic development of the world to create a good environment for the Internet industry, and the establishment of the third party payment and other Internet credit security mechanism, to network marketing has brought unprecedented opportunities for development, fourth stages: since 2009, is the initial development period of mobile internet.

thus, the development of electronic commerce is the credit system perfect and the continuous improvement process, so the customer came to your sales platform, but not with your sign, you may be the site without the network customer service contact customer site is equivalent to a network of shops, there is no shop clerk, then many guests will flow away, another reason is because the credit recognition of this virtual network platform, aiming at this historical problem, as GG online video website customer service system, the video website customer service system has made up the network business personnel network marketing platform is.

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