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"no flowers, no bags, I’m a nobody knows the grass"! We all know this classic lines. Yes, this is one of the lines of Zhao Benshan’s famous essay. The grass is often synonymous with unknown to the public, is also a modest and humble words. For a just stepped into the society of the graduates, feeling pressure and social hardships and dangers brought, also is the grass in the storm struggling portrayal. But the grass can also do great things, hold their own fields.

accidentally saw on the Internet today, will be held in July 13th called a grassroots entrepreneurship contest awards a message.

grassroots entrepreneurship,

a look can make people think of those who do not know the difficult road of entrepreneurship. Carefully checked, indeed, look at these players of the entrepreneurial road, suddenly an unknown passion in my heart, I also can do poineering work, I can succeed, no one knows the grass can also be known to all, can be successful. At least there is a similar grassroots entrepreneurs such a platform to recognize, encourage, support, to their own refueling! The road to success in the hard work has not been far!

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