80% brand application fails to interpret the brand APP survival password

editor’s note: statistics show that in all applications, only less than 1% of APP can break through the amount of downloads of 1 million, of which less than APP times the number of downloads up to 80%. So, why 80% of the application will fail? How to make the brand in the mass of App in a thriving



[Sohu IT news] August 14th news, the emergence of smart mobile terminals, so that people entered the era of mobile internet. Today, the hand of a smart phone has become commonplace, if a Brand Company does not have the corresponding launch of its own brand App (Mobile), does not seem to keep up with the trend of the mobile Internet era of marketing.

France famous makeup brand Lancome, as early as in 2009 to grab in front of competitors, the introduction of a cool and dazzle of the App, which has the latest product information, beauty makeup, makeup and other examples of features. With this APP, users can use the latest season of eye shadow, lipstick, finger color and other products, in the model of the Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu, to experience the effect of a combination of various colors.

sounds good? These practices should help brand a lot of extra points? Unfortunately, this App not only downloads scanty, was even "Forbes" named the "ten worst brand App", attracted the negative image, they are what is wrong with


80% brand App doomed to failure

industry observers said, perhaps, you do not often use smart phones to make calls, play games, and even do not necessarily often use smart phones to listen to music. However, there are always one or two people satisfied with the brand, know how to use appropriate, practical App, so that you are willing to on the phone screen, leaving a place for it every day to open to use. On the contrary, some brand App, lack of interaction and make people feel awkward, just downloaded was lost or deleted, the difference in what? How to get people with the App

brand?Although a variety of

applications conveniently, have become an indispensable tool of consumer life, every month in the major platform of the total download times more than 1 billion 600 million times, but according to the survey, iOS Deloitte consultants Android and BlackBerry platform and found that all the brands in the launch of the App, only less than 1% can download volume exceeded 1 million.

in addition, the data also show that the download number is not 1000 times as high as 80% App, shows that most of the brand is not only difficult to achieve marketing objectives through the App, can be said to be on shelves is submerged in the vast sea.

analysis of "Forbes" Lancome, allow consumers to experience the concept of makeup is not wrong, its biggest flaw is that blindly sell the product, the content and demand of life.

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