Baidu reached a strategic cooperation with South Korea SM Entertainment

Sina Technology News May 8th noon news, Baidu today officially announced a strategic partnership with South Korea SM Entertainment Co., ltd.. In the future, Baidu will be responsible for SM entertainment in mainland genuine authorized audio and video, owned by Iqiyi will join SM tailored entertainment programs.

the Internet and cross-border cooperation in the entertainment industry, covering products of Baidu’s platform Baidu music, Baidu and Iqiyi Post Bar.

it is reported that Baidu will acquire SM in China: Baidu licensed Post Bar authentication and operational artist’s official Post Bar; Baidu music will support SM MV genuine music and performance of video playback; Iqiyi will join SM tailored entertainment programs, jointly produced by SM artists who really show.

Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu said, SM’s various combinations of MV in the future will be the exclusive Iqiyi play, all MV are licensed, Iqiyi will carry out copyright protection; two, Iqiyi and SM will be collaborating artists show.

Baidu vice president Wang Zhan said that Baidu and South Korea SM signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which means that the two sides connect users and services, open up the whole industry chain. Baidu will use big data technology, the establishment of star artists and fans genuine audio and video interactive channel, help Korean idol groups in China’s development.

in addition, SM group president Jin Lingying and artist director of’s idol group with EXO to China to participate in the signing of the signing ceremony.

SM is South Korea’s largest entertainment company, has a star DreamWorks "said, there’s a lot of popular idol group in Asia, such as TVXQ, EXO, SNSD, Super, Junior, f (x) and BoA. Nora (

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