Lack of money and lack of protection of the people of Guangdong folk website difficult




Huizhou West Lake in Shaoguan, "Shaoguan home network", "Xinyi jade style", "money style", Chaozhou "bridges", "Yangjiang Yangjiang sky network"…… Our province is generally active in such a group of folk nature of the site, forum. They were created by the local people, has become the local people expressed channels of public opinion, on the one hand the local folk polymerization force, or suggestions or committed to charity activities.

however, the lack of funds led to most of them can only be a friend help to maintain operations, walking in the edge of survival and closed.

do public service, users self financing

Huizhou people are drinking these water, feeling very cool." Huizhou West Lake web site "with Yankee boy" standing in the east bridge pier, and other friends together for the triumph of the salvage ship with water lettuce cheers.

they are wearing a "West Public" signs of volunteer service, the orange figure in the green water of Dongjiang on exceptionally bright (see left).

2002, "West Lake" founder in providing life information for the people of Huizhou’s original intention, to create a "West lake". 8 years ago, in the administrative unit of work "West Lake" netizen "Si Xu" and a few friends in the "West Lake" launched "Love Charity volunteer organization". Encourage everyone to adhere to, is the site of public welfare activities in the enthusiasm of users. In this platform everyone is equal, the rich and poor can do public welfare". In 2005, the West Lake Network Limited was established, the existing staff of 90 people.

last year, an enterprise through the "West charity donation cakes for the elderly and the poor children," they believe that we do charity transparency".

think Xu stressed the transparent, but also reflected in the internal financial allocation of volunteers. No public welfare activities, activities funded by the users themselves. "Xu Xu" and other organizers on the site every year to put up the financial and expenditure, please monitor.

pass information, called on the rich to do public service

October 2005, working in Shenzhen a pleasant letter "ice" to create "the Yudu style" forum, the original intention is to promote the Xinyi local local customs and practices. Compared to the "West Lake", jade style network of more than 5 years of advertising revenue has been poor, by the webmaster and a few friends their own money to maintain the operation of charity activities.

in September 21st last year, Maoming suffered torrential floods, Yudu style network by users raised about ten thousand yuan to build a reservoir.

in the "9 – 21" flood relief activities, as well as the wealth of Internet users figure. Li Qihui is 30 years old this year, Maoming letter

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