experiment station Baidu included rules

has recently been rumored to stop Baidu included new sites, through my experiments, the following conclusions:

No. 11.06, No. 11.22 Baidu big update, Baidu big update, until 12.2, Baidu big update, in the meantime, rumors of Baidu adjustment algorithm, stop included new sites, these views may be justified, but I have to person during the period of experience, and we discuss.

in mid October, made a new station, take the original promotion methods (to forums, answer questions, increase the chain, Baidu Post Bar, know in Sina, TOM, a whoop and a holler, and do blog), until 11.06, Baidu big update, the reverse link more than and 600, O included page, other search engines included normal, then give up the.

after this, which is in mid November and took a stand to do publicity, the use of the technique is to use some PR high site, with the station, in particular to a PR=5, two PR=3, 2 PR=2, second days of other engines are included, Baidu left more than and 20 reverse connection, still not included, persist for a week, up.

in late November, continue to believe this fact, and launched a new station, on the title, KEYWORD, did not do any optimization, all is the original template on the blank, did not do any promotion, after the acquisition, to disrupt the title content format, and then go to the chain included a query on the left sub domains. Wait for two days, the morning of the third day as follows:

Baidu subdomain 261, the main domain name 192, the above conclusions are as follows:

1, not to do routine propaganda, Baidu adjustment algorithm is true, but the Internet is unbeaten constantly updated, so any time, Baidu is not to abandon the grassroots webmaster, if there is no grassroots webmaster, Baidu search is the portal, the portal site may not directly enter the station, but also Baidu do?

2, the best publicity is not propaganda, now have many webmaster hand to do the new station, with the old station, but we initially do stand, know the engine, understand included a few? Only when traffic soared to know and included this stuff, so we had rookie attitude to do stand.

3, do not do any keyword, etc. included your station page more, the weight of the high, go to SEO, then to promote the engine would not easily punish you.

4, now don’t add much chain and from PR high station lead spider, station is very fragile, if considered cheating, the consequences of long time hard in vain.

summary: as long as you stand on the content, not too much 100~~200 enough, too much will be considered acquisition, imagine, if a team, one day can send many articles? Now spiders more and more intractable, for those.

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