Spend thousands of bone from the perspective of P2P net loan marketing how to allow investors to fol

recently, TV drama "flower and bone like this" hot dog days of weather, in addition to heat or heat. The four bit high rich handsome, with a cute, flower bloom flower and bone MM. The story is a child heart abuse! Four "(fairy albinopainting, monarch kill sister, different Oriental jade, Jun Immortal Emperor Meng Xuanlang) at the same time to spend one thousand bone goddess of love at first sight, try to protect. But there are like Ni sky such a malicious woman with the background, arrogant paranoia, has been looking for the goddess of trouble, until the flowers are MM child death. The flower and bone is what charm to make four rich handsome rather if you are well, may the spare tire to the old "? The P2P net loan marketing from the flower and bone story, how to let investors to us if you are, I will follow the old


1, the importance of the first impression, trust is the need to develop

four rich handsome at the same time to a not beautiful but have their own good intentions to spend thousands of bone. Albinopainting fairy once met 6 years time; kill sister met for the first time presented at any time can summon one artifact; gezhu first pool water "indecent" at a glance bluntly fiancee emperor; from the first to the last decades of waiting. First of all, the first impression, from the first meeting only after the plot. As the net loan platform is the same, how can we let investors see our platform for the first time would like to give, want to have a desire to protect it?

to improve themselves, so that they maintain a good heart for investors to pay. How to reflect the design from the site: the overall interface looks comfortable, beautiful atmosphere, people feel normal. From the website: from the qualification certificate, team, security, let investors see our feelings, see our sincerity, is really a good risk control, do not run away, hosting, can let investors real direction platform. What investors want to know, can be found from the site. Make a simple flower MM.

2, pay each other, in the long return reflected in

After the first impression of

, there is a need to contact again and again, after contact to know more about this person or platform is really as perceived as worthy of me to give. Net loan platform communication is very important. Something all right to let investors know that you exist, know that you are concerned about him, he has what things you may not solve, but also to express their will for him to go through fire and water. How to do it on the web page must have contact QQ, telephone, WeChat, QQ group and other communication methods. Let investors have problems can be found at any time to communicate. The first investor asked questions will be relatively small, but as a platform must have a patient response, and let the user satisfaction. With the first contact, the user understands your platform, after the investment will continue to consult some of the problems, customer service staff to show their attitude. Want to fall in love, customer service must have a customer abuse me thousands of times, I treat customers like first love feelings. So that customers will fall in love with you.


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