Some thoughts on WeChat marketing



users increased dramatically this year, there is greater than QQ in the frequency of use of mobile terminal trend. In particular, the more intimate chat between friends and the star public WeChat account interaction, coupled with a mature two-dimensional code technology. How to do a good job in the future of WeChat marketing is also a learning.

a, WeChat how to make money?

Korea Kakao and Line revenue model or value reference:

1, KaKao: (1) Gift service. Users can be purchased in the application of small commodities coupons sent to friends, friends can be changed online (2) paid expression; (3) advertising (4) game platform;

2, Line: (1) game platform ($2) paid expression or map: August virtual expression sales brought in 300 million yen ($23 million) revenue.


two, WeChat marketing and micro-blog marketing on the user’s voice

1, a few years ago, you put the message into an advertising platform, we gave up the message to switch to micro-blog chat. Then you put micro-blog into a marketing base, we gradually give up micro-blog switch to WeChat chat. Now WeChat will become your media, a staff will be able to sweep the two-dimensional code, you want to force us to receive advertising, and then back to QQ?


2, more and more marketing account from small to WeChat, Tencent WeChat Sina micro-blog successful counter attack, but it makes the WeChat experience change, estimates WeChat’s death also died in this.

3, I think micro-blog is to give up.. A lot of information is boring.

4, for my people who have obsessive-compulsive disorder, every day to see the phone constantly push information, always want to open them even know these pure water. WeChat, email, air quality as long as the red numbers on the App are always unconscious to point. Now WeChat’s circle of friends can transmit text messages, and a few glances content marketing ideas and insights on life, or is the master of physiognomy.

three, the mass of consumers, WeChat marketing is chicken ribs

micro-blog made a survey about QQ, micro-blog, WeChat to abandon one, will you choose? The results showed that 90% users will abandon WeChat, this let some people fantastic? Need to be viewed from three aspects:

1, WeChat attracted loyal user base who is


2, WeChat failed to attract loyal user base who is


3, the surface of scenery hidden behind the mystery of


has made a survey: "boring, Steamed Rice abalone, Braised pork in brown sauce if you would choose that one abandoned". Results 90% rice. So the user does not

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