Rice Festival talk about millet fans behind the marketing strategy

April 8th is the anniversary of the establishment of the five anniversary of millet company, but also many rice noodles are looking forward to rice Festival, after five years of development, millet has become a well-known brand in the domestic mobile phone market. At the same time, also accumulated a large number of users and fans millet, but the last two years, more and more millet competitors, on the one hand is to follow the marketing strategy of millet, on the other hand is to grab millet mobile phone market share. Plus mobile phone increasingly small profits, millet company is very careful, of course, millet is also trying to set foot in other areas, such as the introduction of the smart TV, smart Home Furnishing, intelligent routers and other products.

rice noodle festival should be a lot of rice Festival, millet millet official website has made a campaign advertising, in April 8th the same day, millet all products do not need to be scheduled, you can buy directly. Hunger marketing is the secret of the success of millet, but with more and more competitors millet phone, and in the low-end mobile phone market, consumers can choose a lot of brands. Like Meizu, HUAWEI and other brands rise rapidly, and the successful marketing of millet hunger marketing. Any kind of marketing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, so that users buy mobile phone millet crazy is the need to panic buying, may have long character difference are not grab code.

in addition to not panic buying, Rice noodles Festival little red wars and game entertainment, through play hand games to win coupons. Of course, the probability of winning is certainly very low, the Spring Festival this year, red war fire completely, so the estimated future businesses have met what activities will send some red envelopes. In fact, grab a red envelope is a kind of viral marketing, user participation must be bound to grab a red envelope corresponding mobile payment. For example: WeChat, Alipay wallet to pay, so through the delivery of red way can get massive users. Millet delivery envelopes not to seize the user, but for ads, grab a red envelope when the user to concentrate and so on which the advertising impression will be more profound.

millet accessories all half price processing, which for many rice noodles, it is a great benefit. Millet to develop their own group of fans, not only rely on cost-effective products, there is always to interact with fans. The most direct and effective way is the fans Festival, Meizu has its own users and fans, of course, there are HUAWEI, will certainly follow the practice of millet. Just fans of the product is not as good as the fans in the field of high fidelity, losing the advantages of cost-effective, millet future road will be more difficult to go. High end market has been apple, Samsung, millet, Meizu, HUAWEI and other brands to seize market share.

from the product to the fans, fans and then converted into profit, millet fans marketing is worth learning. But blindly copy millet marketing, seems to be a bit outdated, HUAWEI, Meizu has become the number one enemy millet. The domestic smart phone market profit will become smaller and smaller, millet must be able to launch a flagship product instead of the phone.

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