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title has a little less accurate, the correct translation should be "marketing is not fixed, the historical data in advance, what specific mean? You can just open a number of public information see, there is a function:" view the history of news ", it is with the public function continuously improve the development of push out. Today is the topic I want to discuss. To say that this article is just for the opening or not what message public number of editors, if it is operating for a long time, the public, do not think how to remedy is not impossible, but the time will be relatively long, and the subscription number will be relatively easy to a point.


marketing, as the name suggests is the use of WeChat marketing, since it is marketing, so after all is to sell products (of course, this product is used in a general sense, it may be a service). Our consumers in the purchase before most of the people would choose to learn to understand, just as we buy things in Taobao as a fancy store, such as a baby, we will first look at the baby store evaluation, and then look at the score, logistics, service, baby match score is higher than the level of the same industry. Put the WeChat platform is the same, when we see a public number in the circle of friends can feel the time, the only way to understand it is the history of the news. If the number of public history news from both the content construction and layout as a whole editing style to do down, it will give people a very professional feeling, this is a plus, we also play the advantages of public mutual push.

new operating

if you are a novice just started public number you see this article, how much it is lucky, although this does not teach you how to marketing, but in the foundation, will definitely help to do the content aspect. For the beginning of the public number, I do not propose to marketing, or not obvious advertising, because this time not many fans, we put the content of construction is good, then let the employees between each other to push each other, slowly complete accumulation of fans, if this time to advertise it, suggestions to guide the main concern, tell consumers to pay attention to your account you can offer them what specific? We can see my public number sitned, because just took over, before the content is a bit confusing, recovery, during this period I just at the bottom with a picture only, simply tell consumers, pay attention to I, I can give you what, then you will be the company’s main products and number in a passing way mention that soft advertising that many fans have not rejected .

old remedy

said earlier, an old account remedy is still there, the principle of the new number to do the same content, and then let the new content to cover the old content. If you still do not quite understand, then I, for example, said the popular. Or to sell things for Taobao, when we have a baby was given several bad reviews, a serious impact on sales

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