Personal rookie Adsense to promote the classification directory website experience

has always been interested in playing in the school blog, but to participate in the work of this hobby has been shelved. Until the beginning of this year, in a few friends together to make up the site, so this site should belong to the virgo. When it comes to business website, we definitely belong to the rookie webmaster, say not good, please do not laughed at


said that under the first choice of the domain name: first we want to do a web site navigation, but also do not have the appropriate domain name. At that time, simply want to select a short and easy to remember: 12345, what daohang, the results have been registered. Later in the search query to understand the classification of the site directory of this station, but also similar to the site navigation station, so the final choice of 114mulu. Think about it is relatively easy to remember: 114 directory. So the name of our website is named 114 website directory. The use of space, a friend recommended civilink.

say: in addition to my personal website program, two friends in the university is the program development expert, a website that live technical nature be nothing difficult. Tailor made a distinction with all the categories of the web site directory procedures. Ha ha, this is also a highlight of the site. Through the analysis and comparison of the similar sites, and then made a classification of the 114 Site Directory: commercial economy, service life, blog forum, computer network, education and training, entertainment and other comprehensive classification, with 8 directory area. Then from each of the above directory of a total of 122 categories, the specific classification here do not describe. We are interested in understanding can visit my site specific view.

site directory structure is completed, is to add the content of the site. We usually compare the commonly used or more like the site all included in the directory, and then extract from other sites, we feel that some of the good web site. In order to included more outstanding website, we specially designed < submit url > link http://s.114mulu.com/tijiao.asp, to absorb more outstanding website, also provides a platform for the promotion of their own site more small owners. In addition, we also designed the < website; complaints and suggestions > function, listen to the views and suggestions of friends and webmaster friends. Then the site went online. Remember correctly, should be at the beginning of May 2010 or so.

but from their own experience in more than half of the station, or a slight sense of their own, summed up the following experience:

1 first consider the security of Web site and server space. When you stand a little bit of popularity, all kinds of harassment will continue: spam comments and hacker attacks, etc.. Just here also despise what such nasty behavior.

2 things to do, to do so. To think hard, as long as their own efforts will pay a return. < >

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