Figure test the king of a month to create 1000P

              I’m a new webmaster, ashamed to say, as some people have been in the network through time for several years, I was absolutely ignorant of the network, you may not believe it, I really come into contact with the network is in September 06 when the moment I entered college. Before, I only in high school computer class a few times on the net, and I begin to do a website in 07 years is the second term why I entered the ranks of the individual owners? It is influenced by my classmates, he began to do just a few months later than the date, the name here is not to say.

              I know stationmaster net is in this year summer vacation, before just browsing in behind, but also in this summer vacation I had my first website, using the new cloud program, do not say the name, now on IP at around 5000, although rarely, but I am a novice is very good. This summer suddenly passed, I am also a sophomore student at the school, when I saw the graph king wrote "a month to create a 1000IP" article in the webmaster online, feel very good, want to try, is not himself in "a month to create 1000IP" website, but also more school things (to sell Unicom card), until December, you really begin to personally test a month quickly build 1000IP personal website of the road ", because I had done during the summer vacation’s station, have some experience, is to choose a novel station, I find the classification information of a domain name before I intend to www.525xs.cn (I love me, Xiasha) can also be found later novels stand (I love my novels), so he decided to use the domain name, and then in the west to buy digital A 300M space began to do it. Because I used the new cloud program, the new cloud to understand, so there is a new cloud again. I am looking for a new cloud program to modify a set, make the acquisition rules, collecting more than 3000 novels, such a station has been completed, the next test is to figure the king’s "one month to create 1000IP", I first think about your own user group where, and then start promotion (promotion at the same time every day in the update dozens of novels).

           , first of all, the king said that Baidu post bar and know the flow of 10 million, as long as the good use of traffic will be a lot, so, I first aim at these two places. I know in Baidu input "customers", "popular fiction novel TXT download" and on Baidu billboard, to ask questions in point, then answer the questions raised by netizens according to their website, sent about more than and 100, after a look at the statistics, has come from the know >

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