Morning light the ability to do the decomposition of the project

any thing, is a combination of a number of parts. In the work, how to decompose the whole event, and then break through one by one, this ability is particularly important.

do network marketing or project done friends will understand, some seemingly simple things, there is actually a system which, especially you will put the whole project by fishbone picture context or use the time to make the mind map, will find things to be decomposed into a part of. For the decomposition process, I think a lot of people can do. As long as you can be without logical confusion, clear in his eyes, but sometimes, but a lot of people regardless of their own energy and resources, funds, and blindly spread the progress of the work, or to overestimate the development progress, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of quick and impatient. This, I have deep experience.

so, for a small company, a small team or individual, if carry out a project to better or more efficient, more operational plan, how to decompose the project, cutting task, it is the test of a person in charge of the project thinking. Individuals with some of their own experience, talk about their views.

first of all, you need to have a deep understanding of the project, that is, how you make money from the project or what purpose, usually referred to as the business model. Why? The only way you can on the basis of the second step, the full use of existing resources, eliminate all other inducements for their main objective force, will not be limited resources, energy and funds are not used wisely.

Second step

, finishing their own resources, these include your money, your contacts and you have on your project development with other resources, help now, of course, and most important, many people often forget that it is your time. Everyone is not superman. We have a lot of projects, it is feasible, but also can go to the operation, even can make money, but don’t forget your time is limited, even if you are going to please people, it takes time to please and screening of candidates.

third step, after more than two steps of analysis and arrangement, you should develop their own promotion or marketing program.

at this stage, if you have more colleagues or discuss the object, the best can use six hats thinking way, of course, can also compromise by brainstorming method, all the way with divergent thinking way to give full consideration to the imagination, at last, you should arrange a data, then the feasibility of the operation method, list them one by one, according to the time order and degree of difficulty from easy to difficult. Of course, you will be in your own program of writing or thinking process, you will find a lot of methods can be carried out simultaneously, so this time, you don’t mind fever, thought suddenly leaps and bounds, when you have this idea, you >

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