Daily topic the balance of treasure yields fell into the 3 era of baby gains myth shattered

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 23rd news last week, the balance of treasure seven annual yield of three consecutive days of "broken 4", has led the most glorious era of the monetary fund or the balance of treasure has officially bid farewell to "4 times".

is not only the balance of treasure, seven annual rate of return of more than 100 percent of Baidu earned in June 11th, is the first time below 3%, Jingdong coffers have been broken by 3". 360 monitoring data show that from June 12th to June 18th, a total of 66 docking monetary fund, the Internet baby average annual yield of only seven, only a record low of 3.53%, a new record low. Internet baby in the end how the


in May 11th last year, the balance of treasure yields fell below 5%, once aroused heated discussion, in all kinds of baby in the ranking list was also fall into the end. Since then, the "4 times" spent more than a year. During this period, many Internet baby yields fell more rapidly, early into the 3 era. Some analysts believe that since last year, the central bank has cut interest rates for the 3 time, the 2 RRR, the release of a large number of liquidity to the market, the baby’s natural decline in revenue. With the interest rate market continues to advance, the baby’s income is difficult to go high.

data show that the balance of treasure not only yields lower, the scale of funds is also declining. The balance of treasure on the line at the beginning, the rapid growth of the size of funds, the first quarter of this year, the balance of treasure funds reached its highest point since the line, the size of funds amounted to 711 billion 700 million yuan, then all the way down, as of May 31st this year has dropped to 667 billion 800 million yuan.

in fact, the baby is the essence of the IMF, the scope of the investment bank deposit agreement based, therefore, its earnings and market funds are closely related to the degree of tension. In simple terms, is the market funds face tight, income is high, funds face relaxed, earnings will decline. Good buy fund chief analyst Ceng Linghua believes that this year many baby financial products revenue decline, the main reason is that the entire monetary fund investment targets is the bond market, the inter-bank market, and the tense situation of the current funds face liquidity gradually, the monetary income of the fund rate decreased.

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