Three key directions of network promotion

      enterprise of network application is not as we imagine in-depth understanding, Wenzhou is a very developed business place, but the network application is indeed very junior, most companies only stay in how to buy search engines and do Internet advertising. This may be the pragmatic nature of the people of Wenzhou led to the virtual distrust of the network. However, the trend of science and technology is not blocked, network marketing is an enterprise must take a road, so the network marketing promotion I should be divided into three main directions.

      first, advertising promotion

      now most companies only do this step, such as advertising, search engine advertising purchase, portal advertising and so on, but there is no value for how to identify and value network advertising in many enterprises is not very clear. For example, one of my clients is selling cosmetics, so he chose a BTOB cosmetics advertising platform, I helped him make a monitor, find advertising click three times in half a month, and the data flow of BTOB platform is very unstable, so the website advertising is not very value. Network advertising because the issue of how many copies at a glance like media advertising, Internet advertising has so great fraud due to schema and uncertainty in technology, so how to choose the most valuable Internet advertising is the need to deliberate and cautious, and should pay attention to methods, such as how to put in to see you how to evaluate the value of website, website, etc., these are the need to pay attention to the details of the method.

      two, technology extension

      now SEO and search engine optimization of hot speculation there are factors of technology promotion, such as how to achieve better in the technology of search engines, and virus promotion, such as electronic mail marketing magazine, belong to the category in technology promotion. In the promotion of technology change rapidly, so as the enterprises need a good technical service provider is very important, but not all of the technical personnel of enterprises themselves are able to solve all kinds of technical personnel, so the enterprise technology learning ability is very important, I suggest that the enterprise needs to choose the good technology and service providers not all techniques are dependent on their own technical staff to solve.

      three, personnel promotion

      site planning building up, then you need to cooperate with the personnel of the enterprise network promotion, after all, only the sales tools, and network marketing has many trivial work personnel need to implement, such as customer service, and customer interaction etc.. After all, is the sales of enterprise products and services, the most understanding of their own services and things? Of course it is

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