What caused me to pull the QQ space and Taobao

said Taobao guest, you may think that I have to say some Taobao customers a commonplace talk of an old scholar, can’t do it now, it has been out of date, if the idea of friends don’t close the window, listen to me speak slowly.

said the truth is indeed his guest contact Taobao earlier, around 2010 have a Taobao station on its own, but was not careful management, because of technical reasons and work on their own, the Taobao station was quite simple, just page setup and product links but even the most basic. So, at that time a month earn several hundred dollars, but the website bounce rate so high that later the site was K. The site was K I was not too sad, because this site I don’t expect much, always want to do blog, set up a network brand, but for two years found that since the media is really too bitter, not only to establish good prestige, profit in the short term can not be achieved, their is a part-time job, earn money naturally do not want to continue.


doesn’t want to do a blog, so I naturally will look back on the Taobao customer above, and in Wangzhuan industry fought for so many years, also want to open a lot of things. Do Wangzhuan part-time, energy itself is limited, if you do, then, the content of drainage and so on need to complete their own, for the individual workload is too large, which is why I do not succeed at first blog, of course, this is not a law, if your execution is very strong, so you may have to realize the dream of wangzhuan. Do Taobao guest will save a lot of trouble, here you have to do is only the drainage and transformation, and left us to do. So, with this attitude, I started my own Taobao career.

may see this, some friends will think of the stars think of what to do, there is no good estimate of the current form, and now Taobao customers have been repeatedly suppressed Ali, the development of space has been very small. Yes you give advice is very accurate, now Taobao customer is indeed more difficult to do, many sites have been attacked, including the author’s own website, but the situation is not equal to no opportunities for development, it certainly is now Taobao customers still have big earn money there, the method is not a superb, mail promotion, QQ space and even forum and so on soft are possible, an article some time ago a friend to share, someone in the double eleven during the shopping list to download easily earn tens of thousands of dollars is really shocking to me, but I did really know Taobao customers, as long as reasonable and drainage for the proper guidance, trading volume of products is very easy to do, otherwise I would not rely on a simple station every month hundreds of dollars. Since it has been decided to do Taobao guest, then what is the content carrier? Yes, I chose the QQ space.

on QQ space, I think this is the theme of this article, I want to express the point of view. Most of the time we have ignored the existence of such a marketing tool, turned to the eyes

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